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  • I have a shiny politoed, but like i said, i like your devotion. I'll get it and the sealeo (which i may evolve into the walrus for ya--different trainer ID + lucky egg doubles total EXP gain) to my white version and then give 'em to ya (the unova dex can actually display the shiny sprite, which will still retain my evidence of having each, in case you didnt know). The sealeo was met on random encounter (any EVs, if at all, wanted on it while it reaches lvl. 44, just tell me, it's at lvl 40 now i think. if so, i will tell you how many EVs it has) while the 'toed was caught through the AR. As soon as i get another AR, I'll message ya and offer a shiny rayquaza, unless you get an AR and then get one.
    P.S. i am a noob when it comes to wifi trading and battling, so please help me out.
    heh. i like your devotion. I'll see if i have a shiny walrein from when my AR was working. saying that, if i have one, i have no special requests, so just give me anything (i mean it, no offer will be turned down). I'll look on my platinum and get back to ya. i may only have 1 politoed, but again, if i have a shiny polywag, i'll give ya that, too.
    but only one shiny rayquaza. that's mine.
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