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May 8, 2016
Sep 3, 2013
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PJ & HoO Fan

ɹoʇǝɐɹd was last seen:
May 8, 2016
    1. Matoro
      Yeah sure. Just look for Matoro Mahri on chat. Unfortunately my cookies cleared for some reason so I'm rebuilding all my teams, but I'll do a couple random battles.
    2. Latch
      You can work with a lot of different stuff.
    3. Latch
      it depends on the banner
    4. Latch
      there's fractals, c4ds etc
    5. TheBluePorygon
      That's for sure, they were intense. They keep getting better and better. October will be a great month, HoH on the 8th and then X and Y four days later
    6. TheBluePorygon
      Yeah the HoO were great, they seemed deeper and a tad darker than the PJO books. I can't wait for House of Hades next month :D
    7. TheBluePorygon
      Percy Jackson and the Olympians haha
    8. TheBluePorygon
      so I see you like PJO
    9. EZ Target?
      EZ Target?
      uh my timezone is gmt+1 ill be on http://oriserver.psim.us/ i suppose if i see you on we will fight. if you have trouble finding me ill arrange a specific battle time
    10. Keizaal
      Well, at least there would be better actors when they recast! :P hopefully
    11. Keizaal
      I am, too. I'm just hoping they don't screw anything up. But in order for HoO to make sense, they have to make movies of all the PJO books. If they keep making their movies crap, nobody will watch them, minus the few watchers who haven't read the books. That'll make the studio lose money, and, ultimately, not make any more movies.

      Can somebody get Logan Lerman out of Percy though. Seriously. I thought he was an okay percy in The Lightning Theif, but he has to cut his hair for his other movie. (How to be a Wallflower or something like that) So instead of waiting a couple of months for his hair to grow back they already signed him up the The Sea of Monsters. Now he doesn't look like Percy at all. If they even LOOKED at the covers, they would have seen that Percy clearly has longer, shaggier hair.
    12. Keizaal
      Yes! I admittedly forgot about that part! I'm actually hoping that they don't make movies for HoO, unless they SOMEHOW get their s*** together and actually make good movies. So far the only good move they've did was correct Annabeth's hair from brown to blonde.
    13. Latch
      Renders are like the actual character you sue. Like the girl in my signature is the render.
    14. Latch
      Well, if you love doing it...it's rewarding in some ways. Usually, you have like 2-3 days to finish requests. Not too bad. Plus, we'd both being getting requests, so it wouldn't be so...excessive and annoying; request wise.
    15. Latch
      Well, if you do ever change your mind. Let me know. Love to have you, aboard. Alright, catch ya later, man.
    16. Latch
      It's very good! Do you have other examples? If you show me some of your work I can make you a worker at my shop..if you would like!
    17. Keizaal
      The fact that they took out Clarrise REALLY ticked me off, how the hell are they going to make the Sea of Monsters? That's when you see Percy's powers for the first time too, when they're dunking his head in the toilet. They also TOOK OUT THE CLAIMING PROCESS. THAT MADE ME SO MAD. OOOHHHH SO WE JUST HEAR POSIEDON IN PERCY'S HEAD INSTEAD OF A FIERY TRIDENT? WELL F*** YOU.

      Yeahhh the Lightning Thief made me mad. My little sister is starting to read the books. She likes the movie, but I keep assuring her that after she reads the book, the movie turns into complete and utter crap. Just like most movies based off of books, but this? This was awful. DON'T EVER REWRITE THE F****** STORYLINE WHEN MAKKING THE MOVIE DARN IT. [/rant]

      ahem. Sorry 'bout that. :P
    18. Latch
      I like your banner!
    19. Latch
      Welcome to the forums!
    20. Keizaal
      Cool to see another Percy Jackson fan in the midst of a Pokemon forum!
      I hope you don't like the movies in that case I can't be your friend
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