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  • Yeah, what's OTP?

    Everyone in my class was either on their phone or playing a game. My chorus teacher was very chill with it.
    It won't be like that at all for my other exams...
    What's that?

    I am well! I had my first exam today and got out of school at 10:30. It really wasn't an exam, though. Me and one other person had to do a project on a certain era in music history over the past week and present it today. The project wasn't too hard to do and I basically played my 3DS or was on serebii the entire 3 hours I was at school. xD
    Yeah, it pretty much is. Due to constantly going up from time to time getting tissues and such.

    I mean, I know being honest is good. But taking consequences is the ordeal...
    Yes, doctor's appointment. It's for this respitorial infection I've been having of my right nose tunnel being clogged and all.

    Sometimes honesty is the worst policy. xP!
    Oh, nothing really. About to prepared for a doctor's appointment to go to around 2:15. I'll probably announced that on my wall.
    Excellent, and I accidently deleted your skype. Alright, I'll be honest. I deleted it in irritation when I used to over-react back in the day.
    My VM was buried in your wall. o3o
    Okay, real talk. It wasn't replied. So, I do apologize if that hurt your feelings.
    Thanks! I can't wait until nex year!

    It was $35. There was another one that I saw before that one that was $45, but it wasn't as cute. I'm glad I waited and got the cuter one! :3
    Yeah, she likes animé! She cosplayed as Sailor Jupiter form Sailor Moon! I didn't have time to make a costume, but I'll have one for next year! I'm going to be Link from TLoZ! :3
    They were cute! They were both girls, too. :3

    Want to see a picture of my Eevee plushie? X3
    No, the furries were creepy. D:
    Yeah, all of the art was great! I only bought the Eevee, but my sister bought other things.
    Oh, I did see Black Butler fans! I saw two different Ciels! Each had a different outfit.
    There were a TON of Homestuck fans! Almost everywhere you looked, there was someone cosplaying a Homestuck character!
    It was awesome! There were a ton of people dressed up as anime characters or other things... (Like furries...)
    There was a whole art gallery where you could buy people's animé art and a big dealer's room where you could just buy animé related stuff.
    There were a lot of people dressed up as characters from AoT, which was pretty cool.

    Urban Dictionary? What did you look up that was funny?
    Yup! :D

    Popcorn is good. :3

    Oh, I went to an anime convention last weekend with my oldest sister! Even though I was there for only 2 or 3 hours, it was really fun. I even got this adorable Eevee plushie. :3
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