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  • We talk... My grandpa is quiet, but my grandma talks a lot. We laugh a lot, which is why it's fun.

    What do I want to be...? I honestly have no idea.
    I'm fuming that I can only find only 1 good DBZxTeen Titans crossover fic on ff.net. How about you? I haven't talked to you in like forever D:
    Yes. I'm apologizing. For the umpteenth time in a row. But, I'm not going to let this over-reacting get to me more as I plan on. Getting a job.
    Yeah, they are! They don't have animals, though. What kind of animals does he bring?

    Indeed! It is 9:43.
    But, it was really hard for me. Like I couldn't even try to say it to Ciel and all, now I plan not too seeing how she's older and me. And it's no acceptation of me being 20 as well to cope.

    Plus, I didn't wanted to break our close friendship. (Well, now I did.)
    This is Touya, aka my new name: LuringMaster.

    And remember when I used to be a douche on how I would over-react to stupid stuff such as "Waifus?"
    Yup! We just got back from my grandparents' house, which we went to right after we ate.

    Now I'm tired because its getting late.
    Nooooooooo, I'm right here, forever. :p

    I'm getting hungry... I hope my family decides where we are going out soon.

    I am well! Not doing much, just like yesterday. xD
    Pssh but liek I love you so I mean you are the SUPER cutest. :33 Of course I'm sugoi. B)
    I'm doing good how about you? ^^
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