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  • So, you mean, we trade one box on Saturday and then second box on some other day...?

    Yea, I do not mind either way. Trade back works for me. 4
    Also, I might not have your Pokemon ready by Saturday. I will have 5 Pokemon ready, the one's with less than 4 egg moves. Rest may have to wait till the next weekend, maybe.
    I guess Saturday works best. I should have all of your Pokemon ready by then. And thanks a lot for helping me with dex trades. :)
    Also, it turns out Miltank that you want needs to have Heart Stamp and Circe Throw. Sadly enough, Miltank doesn't learn Circle throw. What should I do about that?
    There turns out to be a slight issue though. I saw that Corsolla learns Aqua ring at level 38. So, I went ahead and a caught a Confuse Ray Corsolla. Sadly, it came out to be level 33. 5 level before it learns Aqua ring. So, I'll be leveling it up but sadly it won't be like other Pokemon at level 1. I hope that's fine.
    Hello. I should have the following Pokemon ready by tomorrow.
    Miltank: heart stamp & circle throw
    Shellos: clear smog & yawn
    Scraggy: feint attack, fake out & counter
    Corsola: aqua ring & confuse ray
    Aron: Reversal, Curse.
    Psyduck: Synchronoise, yawn, hypnosis

    Now, it turns out that I may not really be able to get Miltank for sure. I'm trying but it's difficult to get hold off one.
    Are you still looking for a female rattled snubbull in premier ball and dream ball? I have one in DreamBall and I have a Friend Safari where catch the premier ball.
    I took a look in your shop, and I want a female DiveBall HA Cranidos for the 2 Snubbull. What do you think?
    Have a nice day.
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