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  • Cute. XD

    Yeah, Rayne and Hallow told me about it a month ago. But I forgot to ask for an invitation to the group, so I was never able to actually help out. Lately, my only source of excitement was waiting for the thread to die. =w=
    This. I got the idea for it from this video Scarlet showed me.

    Well, the dream I had the night before last wasn't actually realistic, but you were in it. And the day that followed that dream, you showed up at my doorstep here, which is what got me thinking about it all...
    Oh wow, a Virizion!

    But I have no one else to talk to. ;_; I should finish up my own drawing too. Ciao~!

    EDIT: I forgot to ask this earlier, but... Do you believe that dreams can tell the future?
    Sounds like a good deal, alright. Better than the 3DS's price-drop, too.

    Beldum was the one Pokemon I cloned the most. I should have, like, 10 left. I've given tons away out of generosity to my friends, but they never trained them cuz it's hard to train a Beldum. A shiny Beldum looks like a shiny Metagross (blue turns to silver, silver turns to gold). And yes, they're awesome. That's why my shiny Metagross became my signature Pokemon. X3
    I think you might've bought the Mario anniversary Wii.

    Well, we shouldn't get our hopes up. I'm still dirt-poor until my mom's business takes off. If it does, I'll ask for a router for Christmas. Hopefully, I'll get one. And hey, if I feel generous at the time, I might even trade you a shiny Beldum clone as a "just because" gift.
    Yeah they do. But it was a bad move to do it so late, since the Wii's already gonna be obselete.

    Who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky. If not, Milka's been pressuring me to go to a certain college in Iowa with her, so I could just make the trip to trade with you. =w= /dramatization
    The name could get worse. I'm sure tons of people would rather've called it "the Nintendo Revolution" instead of "the Nintendo Wii..."

    About 3-4 years. Here's a little something you might like. When I bred the Vulpix egg, I saved before hatching it. Once I saw that it was shiny, I decided to clone the egg. And it wasn't until an enitre 9 months that I decided to hatch them once and for all, mostly because I needed filler Pokemon to migrate to Black with. I decided to use one Vulpix for White while the other one sits in my SS import. So if I ever get wifi, I'll give you my Vulpix clone.
    To me, a Wii U's only worth the new Smash Bros. game. Even though it'll also come to the 3DS, it's safe to assume that the Wii U version's gonna have far more than the 3DS one.

    Black was hard for me, since my team was just random favorites not really suitable for battling (Emboar, Zoroark, Carracosta, Eelektross, Chandelure [yes, 2 Fire-types, lemme alone], and Beheeyem). My White team looks far more impressive, though (Samurott, Shiny Ninetales, Hydreigon, Lilligant, Crustle, and Archeops). I hope Gray has more things in it to slow you down. It's the travel that becomes the fun part.
    With all the spending you're doing, I'm sure you won't get your hands on the Wii U or the 3DS soon. ^^;

    White got too boring for me. I think I might've chosen the perfect team, because everything's too damn easy. I literally had to tone it down with Zekrom since my Zweilous kept killing it. So I used my Black to get the EV-enhancing items to make it more challenging.
    That sounds awesome, actually. *_*

    I know what you mean. I started White months ago, but never played past Elesa. It wasn't until I got banned that I picked up where I left off.
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