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  • XDD I personally think Defog is worse XD just because Flash looks a bit cooler.
    Wow....that's really cool! I want one (now I wish I got that shiny one from the give away xD but because of college messing up my sense of time I forgot about it T_T)
    XP YUP! Omg I love doing that XD It's terrible though xDDD but it's funny Oh gawd...YES...or A SHINX XDDDD

    (XDDD EXACTLY. I think he was saying about Dr. Young creating an actual soul. Too bad that he didn't like it coz he thought it was weak ^^; )
    Are you f'real? I thought JP made it, and then English just dubbed it. That's awful D= ugh I remember first hearing those voices DXXX *shudder*
    Yeah but even though it has a better chance, it's not always plus Slash looks pretty generic and boring now :p XDD Flash lowered accuracy at least. I think Defog was the worst honestly =/
    o_O Golurk can use Fly?!
    XDDD LOL I think I did that too. I remember Charizard was like level 87 or something. I freaking MADE fun of the poor lv 18 Bellsprout that used Vine Whip and got a critical hit and only took off one hit point XDDD gawd I was a n00b. Not only that, but I had a Gyarados and I'd poke fun when it's intimidate would effect something big like an Onix XDD Lol normally with Pokemon I play it till I beat the E4 and the post game. Then I start putting it off lol.

    -_- Ugh Ikr? (I hated the plot to. I hated how they had Mew pretty much die off then Ash is all "Maybe we'll see Mew again sometime durr hurr" and there was other silly things in there too. I heard that this one was dubbed before JP even came out. That could explain somethings.)
    XDD Yeah I can. It's pretty cool actually ^^
    Yeah. But Most ppl take shipping to serious. I love shipping but I hate when ppl take it too serious. Saying 'It is canon and your ship is dumb'. It gets annoying to hear that. I respect ppl's shipping choices. It gets annoying when some shippers keep saying that they keep saying that it will become canon. I don't care on what is canon. I enjoy mostly anything. It is fictional characters.
    Yeah it does lol.
    Well I remember I taught my Ursaring Strength because of STAB and it had more power than Slash and stuff. That's the only one I taught it to though on purpose. Oh yeah...I forgot about Fly XD I like that move for Pokemon you wouldn't suspect...like Doduo! :D Plus it's fairly strong. XDDD LOL! ....I can't remember what I did in Silver o.o; I think it was Lugia that helped me out, and my Typhlosion XD I think in FireRed I only used my Charizard ;_; I miss him. His name was Flame.

    Yes....yes it would.

    (You make a good point there. I'm thinking about how you get voices in your head though xD; but I'm sure it'd be fine in Japanese. Oh gawd....I hated that Mirage Master thingy. I put it on mute XD then I gave it a chance when I rented Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (for no reason, I had it recorded xD) and I rather liked it, though the voices were irritating.)
    LOL! Yeah that's true :p Coma's been growing on me after the league XDD but I don't think I could ever take it seriously XD Ha! I knew that one XDD I was guessing PewterTulip was Brock x Domino but I wasn't sure xD (It'd be neat if Domino re-appeared :D) Oh gosh...I've done that too DX I did worse though. I taught my Dragonite all HM moves XD are HM moves that bad though? I think Surf and Waterfall (and Rock Climb/Strength) are nice moves for certain Pokemon. I used to only train my starter too (it didn't matter I still won at least XD)

    XDD I still think in some banned episode Ash fell into the fountain of youth =/

    XDDD LOL! It would :DD
    (Yeah exactly. It would just be..."I've seen this before -_-" and I couldn't get as much into it. Plus most likely we'd have to deal with PUSA's voices all over again XD I get stressed out over english voices but now that I stopped the dub not so much.[/s]
    Understandable. Whatever it works. I guess that most shippings are mostly fun to write about or think about. There are Mainstream,Crack,Slash,Never met. Crossovers. I love Crossovers too. Do you like crossovers too?
    (XD I just thought it was cute at first (Ikari). Then I just started to get bored with it. I like ColdCoffee a bit more than Coma ^^; I loved Barry's fanboying over him it made me laugh. Plus it seemed like Paul sort of humored him at the league and didn't want to hurt his feelings XD That's just me though. Coma is cute too, I just wasn't looking for hints because they almost hated each other. XDD I barely know any of those ships you just coughed. Diamondshipping is Giovanni x Delia right? What are the others? T_T I couldn't find the subs DX LOL I like the move Fly. In my n00b years I was amazed at how the Pokemon LEFT the screen XDD

    Aww...he might XDD Poor old Prof. Oak. I don't know how he's still alive really xDD

    Yes it would have been! :D Happy you agree XDDD
    (Yeah I know...honestly I'd just rather have it be a manga ^^;)
    Interesting. A good wide choices of shippings. Even though I'm ok with ships. I don't support any Yaoi shipping. I look at it as a close brother thing. Or Best friends. No romance. But I like the choice of shipping you support.
    I'm splendid. I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad tomorrow is Friday =_=
    Even though this week was possibly the best school week I've had in a while.
    True but I fell in love with Jetshipping and it is a game shipping. I support shipping for the fun of shipping not for the canon. I don't care what will be canon. I just want to have fun with shipping. Are you the same? Do you support shipping for fun or for canon?
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