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  • Hello, I just posted a trade proposal on your thread.
    Wanted to make sure you received it,
    and wanted to trade asap.
    I've been dying for a Cherubi.
    I dont know what to do. I think soft reseted over a shiny ho-oh twice. Its been like 8 days since i think i soft reseted over shiny ho-oh. What should i do?
    I dont know what to do.
    I think i soft reseted over a shiny ho-oh twice i think and since i have been Sr for 12 days now. I dont know what to do.
    It's funny. I don't really like many of the shiny forms of the 5th gen legends, either! The ones that I DO like can't even be obtained in their shiny forms, haha! But since I have so many 3rd and 4th Gen targets to catch up on, I think it's okay that there aren't many 5th Gen legends I'd like to SR for. I really only see myself SRing for Kyurem and Terakion.
    yo! holding the pokes u wanted, dont mean to rush u or anything just would like to kno were still on cause ppl keep asking for them, thanks!
    I understand you have a shiny feebas. I am rather interested in it. Listed bellow is everything i have to offer, all of which are shiny and UT.
    Buizel Lv12
    Snover Lv 34
    Carnivine Lv 22
    Awesome! :D Good luck to us both! I'm gonna need it more than you, I bet. I think my Rayquaza was just a fluke, lol.
    Hello there! :)

    I know this is random, but I do believe that we should become rivals for a Shiny race, just us. I haven't told anyone in the club this yet, but I've decided to go after a shiny Ho-Oh as well. It wasn't because of you or anything, I had just got to him in SoulSilver and I thought why not make it worth while. What do you say? :)
    I am interested in several of your flawless pokemon. I have hundreds of mundane non RNG shiny pokemon. Many event pokemon. I also have dozens of egg move, ev'd, renameable, battle worthy pokemon. Send a Pm if you are interested in brokering a deal.
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