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Recent content by ハルカ and ゴンベ

  1. The Complete Importing Thread

    Today is a holiday I believe..(probably why I don't have school) so it's not gonna come today..`-`
  2. Gymbaliar! (476)

    Is it better than Harley speaking Engrish? o.O;
  3. D/P 10: Let's Play with Mimiroru Speculation

    Seriously, I know more spoiled women than I do men.
  4. Gymbaliar! (476)

    Always with the negitivity eh?
  5. The Complete Importing Thread

    I lost count..x-x Thats just my luck. It's not your fault, The forum can't read japanese for some reason..It used to..>>
  6. DP 11 Title: Hikari's First CONTESTO!

    Sweet, An episode that airs on my birthday :D I love contest episodes, I hope that Hikari does a good job.
  7. Gymbaliar! (476)

    OMFG YAY! Greggle is one of my favorite D/P pokemon (Don't ask why, I don't even know) But yay, It isn't going to die in it's monsterball! :D! That made my day.
  8. The Complete Importing Thread

    Yup, You guessed it, Another day has passed and it hasn't arrived.
  9. The Complete Importing Thread

    Considering that I only had $50, that was kinda..impossible
  10. The Complete Importing Thread

    I'm apparently one of the "In some circumstances delivery can take 4 -6 weeks" people
  11. The Complete Importing Thread

    Your wonderful play-asia..`-`
  12. The Complete Importing Thread

    Well, 38 days later, I still don't have it.
  13. The Complete Importing Thread

    I don't recommend play-asia :(
  14. The Complete Importing Thread

    Captains log...Day 35 Sanity slowly slipping Starting playing Kingdom Hearts again... Smiles :D Still want diamond