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Last Activity:
Jul 20, 2018
Dec 21, 2010
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University Student ;)

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Chaos Theory

00swms was last seen:
Jul 20, 2018
    1. FairyWitch
      hmmmmm well i think maybe add some more brushes to it maybe add something in the background that is more dragon like...if its a simple banner its perfectly fine really zero ;)
    2. Wolf Prince
      Wolf Prince
      the thread is closed.
    3. AnakBaé
      So Zero, I see that you decided to close CT this early.

    4. Dragonicwari
      Thanks for the war :) and a quick question for future reference, do you have to inform a mod that the war is over? Or do they just check that once a day?
    5. Dragonicwari
      You're welcome, we just got the last couple people accepted :p Thank you for warring us
    6. Dragonicwari
      What happened to CC warring you? I'm pretty sure we have the line up I just haven't had a chance to double check some people is all. You may make the post :)
    7. Dragonicwari
      They will probably go on your xat, just don't expect anyone on our xat is all
    8. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      hey we'll be warring maybe later.....we need to decide a proper war team!!!
    9. Dragonicwari
      Lol well when you war us, don't expect anyone to be on the chat >.< CC has a fairly good track record of getting these things done
    10. Dragonicwari
      That is A-Ok, how long does your clan normally take to war? I might try to start one depending on how fast it takes us to get the team together
    11. Dragonicwari
      Hello, I heard you had nice butt ;D. Also Assassin's Alliance would like to war with you soon (once we finish getting our war team together, it should be done shortly). So how far in the back of the line are we with that?
    12. The boy of X
      The boy of X
      Hello there sir.
    13. MegaSerperior
      So I'd like Volcarona, Jirachi, and Scizor on the banner for my post. Also, if you possible, I'd like it to say "Tournament Office." Thanks!
    14. busterj99
      I have both but I only have one team for showdown and it was made in five minutes so it's pretty bad, y?
    15. Arcos
      I have both PO and PS. Most preferred PO but i am fine with PS.
    16. Kingothestone
      give me a lineup and a list of who can do PO, who can do PS, or who can do both. 7v7 if you want, but I figure 5v5 is enough for you. If you want to make it interesting, 7v7, 5 OU, 1 LC, 1 Ubers?
    17. Kingothestone
      So when do we war (evil)
    18. AnakBaé
      K I will be busy next week, so today or tomorrow should be fine.
    19. Wolf Prince
      Wolf Prince
      Sure thing, i today got back from a contest in chihuahua, in 10 days from now i will be done with the test(Study+test)
    20. AnakBaé
      U better get your sexy *** online cuz we're going to fight until one of us got cancer and die a honorable death.

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    University Student ;)
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    Computer Hardware, Technology Awareness, and Software Development