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  • Nothing much....I dont see how I missed your rpevious message...sorry about that...I've decided against video games because they will only cause strife between me and my sister. :/
    Come on now, it's all about the weekly basis of acknowledgement ;D

    American writers... hmm, I'll ask my friend who studies English and American Literature, she might have some insight! I've read a few classics, like Tolkien and Austen, but I can't say I read enough books to make a judgement about UK vs US authors. I read Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain though, that was pretty good! Most of the books I read are history books.... like, 8 of those every week. X_x

    Oh my, you have such interesting topics! I wish I could choose my studies on that sort of basis. Guantanamo Bay is a decent choice too, it's been in the news again recently so I guess you won't be short of material. Oh yeah, serebii's debate forum might be handy too. I occasionally participate there, but it takes hours to read posts, formulate ideas and post back lucidly, so I avoid it while I'm busy.

    I was the last in my family to go too! My bros and sister are all way older than me. I'm not sure whether college in general is hard; most people I know at college have really enjoyed it and say it's manageable. I went to one of the 2 toughest colleges in the UK, so I have found it really hard. But that's what I signed up for :p
    Still, on the whole I'd say it's not a big step academically; it feels trickier because you have to balance work with all the jobs that come with being independent.
    If I get interested in accounting I'll stick with it... the alternative is to get a business-related job or another master's degree afterwards.

    I used to play some newb teams... the most obvious ones were those who had strong pokemon, used in a stupid way. For example, aGyarados using only special attacks. *facepalm*

    Still sound like silly school rules. At least you don't have a school uniform. We did...

    Oh and I'm good! Exams in less than a month, but also finished in less than a month. I wish it could be a month in the future....oh well, I'll be patient :)
    Soon our habits of replying uber-late will become a thing of legend. How'd the English project go? Still enjoying I am Grimalkin?

    Yup, I got a job as a trainee accountant. I get paid to work and study for further qualifications, so it's a grand deal.

    You beat a team with an arceus? Nice one! Someone has to teach the newbs who over-use legendaries a proper lesson. Garchomp is an awesome pokemon, tell me, is it still in the uber tier? I really hope not.

    A further question: Judging by your signature, how long will it be before your school only allows the wearing of potato sacks with a volume of 2 metres cubed? Sounds awful, we were only banned from strappy tops, flip-flops and shorts.
    Let's concentrate on the tests and exams first before any games and Pokemon, because it is the first priority in the list of importance. After all the school works, we can all throw away the thought related to academic works, and relax to the extreme.
    I'm currently also facing tests within a week time, so I understand.
    Let just hope we can all finish the tests (of course without failing, and passing with good marks), so we can enjoy later. Good luck with your studies.
    I am still okay. I'm on the forum once like for every 2-3 days, not a frequent visitor, but seems at least more frequent than you do (^^;)
    On the opposite, how are you than? What were you doing in these recent days?
    Heya, how are you doing?

    All is okay here, just procrastinating and generally relaxing while listening to the soccer/football/however you wish to identify it :]
    A very late reply to your visitor's message.
    I'm fine and alive, just don't come to the forum that often. You probably won't see me online approximately 75% of the time.
    Hehe, late replies, I am queen of those. Mostly because I never log in to serebii for long while I'm at university....anyway, my elbow is sorted now :)
    How did the performances of the school play go? Hopefully better than when your partner tripped! How many performances of it did you need to give?
    Stage make-up is a total nightmare to get off, I used to be in an annual pantomoime before I was 18. Woke up every night looking like a clown....

    All is well here, just returned from the 'launch' of our May Ball. The may ball actually happens in June and costs over £100 to attend, but it's the most incredible party, it only finishes at 7:30am. :D
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