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Dec 23, 2018
Aug 6, 2015
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Dec 23, 2018
    1. 0bss1d1ankn1ght
      Ok I got it cleared.
    2. Omegagoldfish
      Hey, your PM quota is full.
      Delete a bunch of un-needed messages, so I may get back to you.
    3. Omegagoldfish
      I cannot PM you, as you have exceeded your stored PM quota and need to clear it out.
      Go to your inbox, and select every message that is no longer needed, and delete them.
      Thank you.
    4. 0bss1d1ankn1ght
      List of Major Edits For Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Destruction

      -Correct any spelling/grammar errors, if any. I'm generally good about this sort of stuff, but it never hurts to check.

      -re-edit writing style of previous chapters to smooth out the story flow. Since I feel that my writing style is somewhat changing each new chapter, I plan on doing some omitting of unnecessary details in previous ones.

      -Re-write 2nd act of chapter 3. I've never really liked the last half of chapter 3 in the first place.

      -Re-edit chapter 5. As Omegagoldfish pointed out to me, I may need to do a little bit of re-editing.

      -insert line breaks before each major scene transition. This has been heavily requested to me, so I'll do it.

      -Fix tense errors in chapter 6.

      -Add separate formatting for thinking dialogue.

      -re-edit ending to chapter 1. I just find it really clunky.

      -re-edit beginning of chapter 5.3. Instead of Dedenne talking Pikachu down when they meet again, I was thinking of having her just slap him- thought that would fit her character better.

      -Fix Chapter 10. Aside from what Omegagoldfish mentioned, I feel I need to fix Ku's attitude during his fight with Lopunny. With all the blood he was losing, I felt it would be understandable to have him go berserk. Instead, Ku seems to me to be a little too nonchalant about the fact he's losing a lot of blood.

      -Heck, I feel Ku has been an inconsistently written character since chapter 9. So he'll get some attitude changes from there.

      -In hindsight, I feel I've been a little too soft on the destruction of Florges Guild. I mean, come on, Team Sharktooth implied to have been planning this for about a year, and yet they only destroy the assembly hall? That makes me question their competence.
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    Chapter 9 part 1 of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Destruction is out! Team Sharktooth finally make their attack on Florges Guild!

    And its sister fic: Desolate Lands