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Aug 3, 2015
Mar 12, 2013
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0danmaster0 was last seen:
Aug 3, 2015
    1. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
    2. Dragalge
      I am your Serperior
    3. Wulava
      Please don't use IMG tags when posting large images.
      Link outside instead.
    4. Eeveemaster
      Dude where did you get the image of Hawlucha? I'm happy for you!
    5. MastersOfMonsters
      Yeah, that. ^^ Then, yes, I Believe that is fake. I mean, 70 New Pokémon? Even with Megas, that's not enough to be a full Generation to last for years in both games and anime. ^^
    6. MastersOfMonsters
      Indeed. Plus, the Hawk is very well disigned. The Barnicle... err... well... it is kinda terrible in a awesome way, but so is Stunfisk, and we're used to Him now. ^^

      ... that rumor about there being only 70 new Pkmn isn't part of this, right..?
    7. MastersOfMonsters
      Yeah, and since he can't really have photoshopped those things, ESPECIALLY not those overworld ones, I am sure it is all real, and most 'sane' people here and on PokéBeach seems to agree on that.
    8. Razmos
      haha, I don't necessarily think they are real, I just want people to explore all the angles before simply dismissing something as fake. People are nitpicking at many small things which can be explained quite easily.

      Both possible pokemon have very interesting designs, and whether fake or not, it's fun to discuss. these are either very clever real pokemon or very clever fakemon.
    9. R_N
      No clue. Probably the same person but I'm not sure of the origins.
    10. Torus333
      I like that line even less now :( I'm not a fan of "girly" Pokemon, probably because I'm a guy.. the coloring is weird, that sail is beyond weird (especially the colors), the crystals dotted across its body are weird etc.. Tyrantrum is my favorite, with the exception of the beard.
    11. Oshakpop
      I've got a version without Mega's like I said, so I might change it in a few days :) Changing it up and all that haha!
    12. Oshakpop
      Haha thanks! I might end up getting rid of the Mega's soon though :L
    13. Oshakpop
      Don't worry, I already have it all ready ;) Just waiting for the HQ artwork!
    14. Oshakpop
      I know :( I've managed to fit them in, but damn, Venusaur killed me! TOO LARGE! Just means the image will be getting smaller but I'm determined to fit all the pre-release Pokémon in :P Might get rid of the Mega Evolutions though, not sure yet haha
    15. Ditto24
      Haha yeah, it is for the moment anyway, may change it soon.
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