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  • Okay, I am interested too.
    You have to pick the Pokémons from my shop you're interested in.
    Well actually i made the trophy pokemon, AwildMew didn't, hes taking an art break, so could you please credit me?
    Sorry, I have been away this week.
    I'll take the Emolga and Lugia please. =3
    Also could you list me the pokémons you want from me?
    Your request is done at:
    Hmm, sure.
    What's the OT of these?:

    Shiny Near Flawless Calm Clear Body Regice Lv 30 UT w/ Sleep Talk
    Shiny Flawless Calm Pressure Lugia Lv 70 UT w/ Tailwind, Roost, Giga Drain & Icy Wind
    Shiny Near Flawless Naive Levitate Azelf Lv 50 UT w/ Stealth Rock, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt
    Shiny Flawless Timid Static Emolga Lv 1 UT w/ Roost, Baton Pass, Air Slash & Iron Tail
    Sorry dude, I totally missed you, you sent that message maybe 20 minutes after I had logged off to go to bed. I should be on most of the day today so if you get back online let me know
    Your RNG request (shiny near-flawless Blitzle) is ready! So sorry that took so long, the RNGs ahead of you took a lot of work. You didn't want a nickname, right?
    I took a look at your shop, this Pokemon caught my eye: Shiny Flawless Careful Prankster Sableye Lv 1 UT w/ Recover and Trick
    greetings OSM! the eel and uxie are exactly as described on my thread-i can put any non-egg move you want on them before we trade-
    as for tkiss i have a bold one that i could ev that way so we can add to the trade
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