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  • Hello I just wanted to remind you that you reserved Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist in the RP When Anime Worlds Collide
    I'll have it done today or tomorrow, and hopefully I can keep up with all my signups

    I know... the wikipedia images sort of creeped me out...
    Yay! *uses* I was going in a different direction so I'm glad you got that up for me.

    I found out because an alternate definition for a cataract is a small waterfall. I was supposed to learn that in Social Studies.
    That would be helpful, upload it on whatever site and give it to me.

    Funnily enough, I found out what a cataract was only yesterday.
    Happy birthday! A week late isn't so bad, now is it?

    Anyway, I was posting to say I really liked your nicknames... yeah. I'm working on your sprite right now.
    sure no prob, school has been hard for me too, thats why i haven't been on in a while.
    Lets continue it in the thread I started in the RPG Cafe.
    Ah, now I feel like an idiotic tw*t. To prevent this happening again, next time could you maybe post on the Discussion Thread and say that your busy and stuff? It means that we all know where everyone is.
    Hi, this is going to sound slightly rude but I've been waiting ages. Go post on Pokémon Heroes, I can't until you and Zandgaia do, if you aren't going to post then I'm going to have to remove you from the RPG. I appreciate you may be busy, but I've been waiting at least a week and you gave no prior notice either.
    Oh my gosh... I thought the exact same thing about the Mad Hatter! At one point he started talking, and I swore I heard Jack Sparrow.

    I'm thinking about seeing Diary of a Wimpy Kid, just for the heck of it, (and because my brother wants to see it as well. xP)
    Yeah. In a couple of weeks things will get really hectic. I've got things three days a week in the morning, four days a week after school and homework till the end of the earth. I even had homework on holidays -_-"
    Dude, that was quick. o_O It's good to 'type to you to'... or whatever.
    Ugh... my computer's been deader than dead these past few weeks, if you'd like to know why I haven't done anything in- ... well, that I haven't done anything. (Wait, you didn't ask? Eh, whatever). But anyways... have you seen Alice in Wonderland yet?
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