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Nov 15, 2017
May 4, 2010
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Sep 9, 1993 (Age: 26)
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Steven Stone's Villa<3 ~

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~The Blizzard Prince, 26, from Steven Stone's Villa<3 ~

1dbad was last seen:
Nov 15, 2017
    1. matt0044
      How are you? Still, having internet issues?
    2. SoulSilverMstr411
      Greetings, friend. 'Tis a honor to meet a like-minded individual. :)
    3. matt0044
      About Viz's censorship: I'd like to believe that Viz censors certain things because they either fear getting sued by overzealous parents or just *****ed at by them, ruining their public image, and not because they actually think that censoring things like Crys getting slapped by her mother is necessary. They know how hypocritical and ridiculous these parents can get but also how they tend to get there way no matter what based on past events involving censorship.

      Of course, this was a double-edged sword: on one hand, they prevent a possible lawsuit but on the other hand, they got fans of Pokemon Adventures/Special from these forums at their throats (not that they actually give a crap about us). But that's the nature of business: you just can't please everyone. There's always going to be someone who doesn't like something you do.
    4. matt0044
      Not to mention that she hated the idea of Maxie or anyone in the series dying. I can understand that she'd be peeved if her favorite character died but if the death suited the character(s) and was well-done, I wouldn't be (that) peeved as they would've gone out with a bang.

      And considering how she never read the series... well, you get the picture.
    5. matt0044
      Good to hear from you again.

      Not to claim that an opinion is wrong, but FairyRed's opinion on Pokemon Special seemed very, well, wrong since she never read the Manga and is just going by what she read on Bulbapedia and TV Tropes. It's okay not to like the series but considering how many others adore the series, I'd at least give it a look before giving it a final verdict.
    6. matt0044
      On Bulbagarden, your post rebutting FairyRed's post in my "Pokemon Adventures/Special Opinions" thread there is gone. Did you delete it?
    7. matt0044
      You know, I just thought of something: Viz really should've kept the panel showing Crys getting slapped by her mother and taken the risk. If any butthurt parents were to email them about it and how they think it's "inappropriate for their little angels", Viz should stand up to them and explain that the slap was not to be perceived as child abuse but as a "snap out of it" gesture and an act of discipline. They should NOT give in to the demands of overprotective parents and soccer moms when it comes to things like these.
    8. matt0044
      Thanks for replying. And about Crys's mom, I have nothing against fashion senses or transvestites but no woman, let alone a mother, would dress up that cutesy.

      As for censorship, I like to pretend that it's either not or something else. Like Crys's mother's glare being what I said before. Since they're little things that don't affect the plot at all (so far), you can always use your imagination.
    9. matt0044
      Are you still there?
    10. matt0044
      As you know, the Viz version of Pokemon Special is infamous for censorship. You probably know this but to me, it's not really why they do it that bothers me but rather how they do it.

      Like Crys getting a snap-out-of-it slap from her mom (who I honestly think is Crys's dad crossdressing) being changed to getting a glare: They should've instead edited the mom's mouth open and added a speech bubble to make her say "SNAP OUT OF IT, CRYS!" if they were going to the trouble of censoring the scene anyways. THAT would've been much better. That or keep it as it is.

      Plus, I see the censorship as small scratches on the mostly clean table that is the Viz version of Pokemon Special. I hope that analogy made sense.
    11. matt0044
      And I'm Matt.
    12. matt0044
      Thanks for replying and I accept your friend request.
    13. matt0044
      On Bulbagarden, you complained that Viz's pun-filled chapter titles for Pokemon Adventures/Special were pointless.

      While you might not think so, the puns DO have a purpose: making the reader remember the chapter titles better with catchy titles. This is the same with the English version(s) of the Pokemon Anime where the Japanese titles are ditched for puns based on Pokemon and English words or phrases. Remember that this is a Manga for kids (that also appeal to us teens) so Viz probably thinks that they can get away with some cheesy humor here and there to get kids to enjoy reading. Honestly, I can't fault them for doing so. Not to mention that some of their humor is pretty funny to me while the rest aren't bad but not as good. Hey, it's better than 4kids' dub of One Piece by far.

      Also, you should never let such little things bother you. If you don't like them, then ignore them. Of course, you can point them out as things you dislike but you shouldn't make them out to be such a big deal. Just tune them out and be thankful that Viz doesn't change the story at all like 4kids would've.

      I don't mean to insult you as you're pretty cool but I just thought that I'd tell you this.
    14. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      The volume cover of number 39 is on Netkun's site now. It looks pretty good too! Of course it makes me want to purchase it right this second.
    15. Evilchibi_pichu
      Just wanted to say thanks for letting me know of the whole Viz thing. I needed a good reason to come back here. ;D
    16. chamo-chan
      :c yeah.
      The delay for vol. 39 is justified I guess. Though I wonder what VIZ is up to...
      ;3; I'm mostly waiting on vol. 15 though, since it's the only one I can get for cheaper.
    17. chamo-chan
      I know. It's making me nervous. :/
      I also noticed Vol. 39 hasn't been announced either. :U where is mai pokeymans?
    18. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      No problem, as long as you saw the cover. Lets just hope Volume 15 is next.
    19. kawaii serebii
      kawaii serebii
      Wow. Another lengthy post. You're on a replying spree aren't ya~? =p
    20. JennaJayfeather
      ^^ Hey Dakota!~

      What's up? =)
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    Sep 9, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    Steven Stone's Villa<3 ~
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    A mind like Bill Gates, a body like Criss Angel, and a soul like a good person.



    "But sometimes I have to ask myself this question. It's true that to us his imaginings are nothing but the inventions of a busy mind. But to him, there simply is no other reality. Furthermore he is happy there.

    So why, I ask myself, why in the name of healing him must we drag him painfully into the world of our own reality?"

    ~Doctor's memo, from Silent Hill 2