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  • ^^ Why thank you! (I adored Chiramii ever sense I saw the little thing, and I have made a decision. WHEN B/W COMES OUT I WILL GET THE ADORABLE CRITTER AND TEACH IT IRON TAIL!!!!!~~) <- I really will, just watch me ;D
    With Gold's possible Togekiss (which like I've/We've said can see happening, very well could happen especially with his "missing" Mantaro, so he could fly with Togekiss! ^^ (I'd love to see that)
    =_= I find myself wishing that PokeSpe was the main of it all, but I guess it's not too popular in Japan (I find it hard to believe that the infamous Clefairy Manga outranks it...:/)
    ;D Well I guess I'll see you guys laters~ You'll probably still see some of my posts (or maybe a double post for Serebii's slow server XDD and the library kicking me off b4 I can delete it...(I'm assuming my mom's gonna use the laptop...even though it is mine, ^^ But I'll share! XD)
    ^^ I like the Togekiss idea (I'm sure he has enough Pokeathlon points to get a Shiny Stone anyways)
    Btw on Wednesday I'm going up North over the summer (feel free to write though) I just may not respond immediatley for we do not have internet there (I have to go over to a friend's house or go to the library)
    Oh yeah, and I've been meaning to ask (just out of a random poll ^^; ) what Pokemon Franchise would you pick out of anything?
    1. Games
    2. PokeSpe (or any other Pokemon manga ;D )
    3. Anime
    4. TCG
    (For me it'd be PokeSpe, even though I love the games alot)
    Wow...I just read your post on the July Plot Discussion...and I have to say: "Thank You" To tell you the truth, what they said kind of bothered me. So I'll repeat it again, thank you.
    >:D and imagine an evil Togekiss...!
    ^^ Thanks! You seem like a nice person to talk to too! I enjoy posting in the manga discussion lol however, in the anime discussion (gosh the people there...are so...disorderly in comparison ^^; )
    Same here~ Traveling around would be awesome and no school unless we want it! Having battles would be fun and training real life pokemon would easier than in the game. XD Gold is an interesting character overall, it's to hard to get bored with him~ Yeah; Wataru and the pokemon are lucky the heroes are such nice guys. XP Maybe something similar to what they did in GSC arc with the tournament, but against the villains. Aww... I don't want to start missing the Masara trio just yet; I gotta see how they look as adults! I'm kinda hoping PokeSpe keeps using them until the number of Dex Holders becomes to high because by then they would be like in their late 20s. XD Aww dang, that's true; I shall pray to the mangaka, hahaha! Very likely since she does seem to known a bunch about the Shinou legends; I would love to see Gold's reaction to her. X3

    Yamamoto's artwork is probably another reason why I'm liking PokeSpe and it helps I don't have the eyes to tell how bad it might be. It looks good enough for me, hahaha~

    I hope you don't get too bored with staying up late. ^o^ Thank you~!

    No, no you're fine. I like having discussions since I rarely get them on my fandoms. And I'm sorry I'm late this time around! I got a sudden case of laziness really bad and I just didn't want to do anything. >o< I'm also sorry if this reply isn't that good. D:
    I've started reading the R/S arc and it isn't so bad reading the official scans, hahaha~ I noticed that there were some scans for the DP arc! That was surprising. Most definitely; too many Pokemon to even remember them all unless one has good memory. D: I sometimes forget a bunch of Pokemon only have to look through Serebii's Pokedex. They also do it for the games as well (but then again how many of us didn't put 'Ash' and 'Gary' when we played Red & Blue? XD) and I've even seen a very few comments on how the manga came first! o_o I was like "What?! How did they come to that conclusion!", hahaha.

    I think the anime was doing okay when it first started since I heard it wasn't expected to go on for as long as it did. But, they didn't really fix any of the characterization problems; just added special episodes for it only to ignore that later on... Totally agree! I love Sapphire now and Platina is my favorite version of Gen IV's game girl so far. It's really fun to read about them~ When I started reading Special, I was in love almost immediately; it outclassed the anime in many ways since Shigeru/Gary left. No problem if you like Yellow, it'll be interesting to see a fan's opinion on her without raging. I tend to dislike the innocent and peace-loving characters since they don't feed my need for violence. XD YES, the grinding in the games can get really boring to the point I start nodding off. D: It makes it hard for me to more after beating the E4 and catching some pokemon. I dunno how some fans can play over 300 hours; I would diiieeee. I try not to get too excited; it makes me my journey more fun, but the first time playing a new region is always somewhat fun, I'll admit~
    Yeah, that did suck. Only Kanna/Lorelei appears again, so maybe HGSS will also show the Kantou GLs as well! I hope so, since I would to see their version of pimp!Katsura/Blaine and Nastume/Sabrina's new look. xD

    Yeah, I'm glad to have no school. ^^; Even if Serebii likes to be super slow during the afternoon and oddly enough, during the nighttime. Everyone is staying late now! xD And I have no problems filling it up! :3

    Thank you~ It's my nickname of sorts that I like everyone to call me since my name is tough to say.
    When I found out that Mangafox had then I cheered, but then I saw it was Chang Yi's, I went 'aww'. xD I'll still read them, though; I'm not too picky. Thank you! It isn't easy since I have to keep using them or I'll forget it when it comes to Pokemon names. For some reason, the towns and human names I can remember more better. xD Yup; plus, the anime came first here, so people like to confuse Shigeru/Gary with Green/Blue and Satoshi/Ash with Red as the same people. It's so very easy to get confused in this fandom if one is a newer fan. @_@

    I'm kinda sad they didn't really do much with Haruka/May's character other have her do contests. She had such a new build up in the beginning with only wanting to travel and they killed it. D: I can't even watch D&P due to Hikari/Dawn and the contests episode which seem to get more boring each time. I SO glad that HGSS got rid of it and I hope B/W do too. When I found out that Sapphire was a wild girl and a battler I knew I would love her. It makes her seem more of a tomboy and Pokemon is lacking tomboys, so I was happy. =D The only girl I didn't really like a lot was Yellow, but that more because how she was so "innocent" which to me made her a bit bland and the whole Red/Yellow pairing, but I'm just weird like that. XD Yay! ^o^ I tend to like the games more if I don't get excited/hyped up, but I've also having problems keeping my attention on Pokemon during it's many dull moments. I think playing too many games decreased my attention span. XD!

    Yes! I loved those ice voodoo dolls! I so want Pokemon to exist, so I can have my own set of ice voodoo dolls! xD I'm liking Silver's side of HGSS so far since Gold isn't doing much at the moment. I can't wait to see more of the other GLs and see how 19 yrs old version of Red, Green, and Blue look! I wonder if they're going to add the Hoenn trio to the story. And no worries about the Japanese names, you can use what you know best, but it's Wataru. XD
    No, no, the ones on Onemanga are fan-scanlations while the ones on Mangafox uses the official English translations by Chang-Yi. I like the fan version since it's less confusing. xD I've getting more into the Japanese side of Pokemon to the point I even play the Japanese games more. So, I've been (trying, at least) to learn the Japanese names, so the switches like Green/Blue take some getting used to. XD

    I liked the whole coordinator in the beginning, but I felt by the end of Hoenn the whole Contest thing had gotten boring. Very boring; which doesn't help me like D&P and Hikari. I do love how the girls in PokeSpe are the ones that help kick butt rather than do nothing like in some manga/anime! Definitely; when the adults are innocent and happy, it can get boring. No tension. D: But, to make them villains adds more depth and adds a different and more exciting atmosphere in general, I believe~ It is bad that I get more excited for the PokeSpe arcs than I ever do for the games? XD

    My favorite Gym Leader, hmm. Out of the E4, I probably like Kanna/Lorelei the best due to her being creative with ice! ;D For the GLs, I say... Natsume/Sabrina for Kantou and... Probably Anzu/Janine for Johto. The Johto GLs, sadly, didn't get much in GSC compared to the Kantou GLs that had R/G/B/Y and GSC. I hope HGSS changes that! I would like to see more of them! I like how Natsume is just an all round fun and sly character and isn't too bothered when trouble comes around. I would love to see her use her psychic powers! Anzu because I like the whole plot they made for her that makes sense since Kyo/Koga did just disappear. I have to read it the arcs again for me to really say. XD

    I think it has gotten worse thanks to B/W, so everyone is staying up more, plus summer is approaching for many. 8D I have no problem with posting here for your sake~

    Oh! I forgot to say you can call me Sakarii! Sorry about that~ xD
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