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  • The problem I have with Trutown is his lack of fun and how opinionated he can be. As much as I like to be critical about what I watch, there are times where I have to say: "Relax, it's just a show/book." In addition, PokeSpe's not exactly extraordinary in terms of storytelling but I'd say it's does good on it's own (only a few select issues getting to me) and I don't exactly expect the highest caliber of writing from Pokemon itself.

    What I'm trying to say is that when it comes to me who can switch off his brain with certain things I read, Trutown's just a buzz kill.
    So a certain user commented on how in PokeSpe, Pokemon are handed out like candy with no consent on their part despite them being "friends." But it's less like that and more like the Pokemon trust in their trainer that they know what they're doing as they're borrowed by another Trainer. Otherwise, they would've voiced their disapproval then and there. Wouldn't you think so?

    Plus, Pokemon aren't "friends" in the sense of "human/human" relationships so much as the kinship between a person and his pet dog.
    Sorry, I mean, Volume 10 not 9. And I meant "Spelling out her fear of failure" would make it obvious when things were headed with her character.
    I think by "voices" N meant that people (like White) should listen to Pokemon more even if they don't speak the same language. Maybe directly ask them if they truly want to battle, act or whatever. Like a sort of non-literal metaphor or whatever. Maybe it should've been more clear but hey, when it guess a discussion like this going, it's not all that bad.

    A similar case would be Crys's breakdown in Volume 11. When you go back to volumes 9 and 10 with that twist in mind, a lot of scenes are put into a new light. I don't like how certain fans say that Kusaka should've spelled it out because that would lessen the twist's effect.

    On a separate note, I notice Emerald's silhouette in HGSS Volume 1. To brand new readers following Viz's releases, it'll come off as a well thought out story when they reach the Emerald arc.
    I think there are examples of White "not listening to her Pokemon" in that she wasn't the sort of Trainer who battles and therefore couldn't let her Pokemon actors battle (evolutions can be ugly, remember?). No specific examples as in moments where it has "foreshadowing" written all over it in big honking letters. And as Black said, Pokemon are born fighters so White not allowing them was denying them something they were made to do.

    This sort of plot twist is something I like because it make you think about how it can work with tini-tiny bits of subtle foreshadowing and it doesn't treat the reader like an idiot. Sadly some reader are (no you, I mean).
    Hey, do you know when the next issue of Pokemon Special is coming out? Is it not gonna come out until August 21st when CoroCoro releases it? I thought there were two magazines releasing Pokemon Special...
    I've done some similar things given the circumstances. I guess it depends on how well you can relate with the characters and their experiences. Not everyone's going to feel the same. Plus, White saying that she should listen to her Pokemon more isn't wrong since it's not like she was being ultra-oppressive, just trying to benefit her agency, yet seeing if her Pokemon wanted to do something else more often would've helped.

    I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying that I can understand why and how we all don't make the absolute correct decision.
    In regards to Gigi figuring how her battling potential, foreshadowing or none, I relate to that when you learn something about yourself that you were blind to before. I learned of how on Livejournal, members of Serebii's fanfiction section were mocking me and how I'd act stupid. Yet this all came a big terrible surprise to me and couldn't blame them one bit for how they saw me. I believe Gigi had a similar realization.
    Also, about the BW ending, I didn't feel like it was "as rushed" as HGSS was but I still felt that it was rather abrupt. For example, White went off to tell Black about N's true story but we never saw that. Also, we never saw the proper defeat of Ghetsis (at least his defeat in BW). I felt that normal-form Kyurem could have been utilized by Ghetsis in BW which could foreshadow its ultimate appearance in B2W2. Also, we last saw Cheren unconscious in BW. As he was a teacher of Aspertia City (and most likely Gym Leader) in B2W2, something had to happen that caused him to abandon the Team Plasma ideals and prevent him from going to jail. That needs to be included in the volume-only ending rounds of BW. Either way, I strongly believe that BW could use a couple more rounds in the volumes.
    Continued: Oh and I was a little baffled by how there was a three-year time difference between HGSS and DPPt. Usually within a generation, there was only a few months difference chapters but three years was kind of overdoing it imo. It's not like the older Dexholders were getting any younger. And based on how Johanna appeared at the end of the last HGSS chapter with just the phrase "as time went by", I thought that DP happened RIGHT after HGSS. I was actually hoping that that was the case, since if the time difference was three years, then that meant that Mewtwo was chasing Sird for SIX years (and not to mention that the chase was completely pointless after two months since the whole reason why Mewtwo was chasing Sird was because he wanted to un-petrify the Dexholders but they were cured in the Emerald chapter). Three years is a long time but it's still a heck lot better than six.
    Well...let's see...for BW I thought it was a little messy at the beginning because of the two Tepig and all (along with how Cheren and Bianca got different starters than what they would have gotten in the games if the player started out with Tepig). And plus, the mini-volumes that Viz was releasing, I thought they were gonna be actual volumes and you can imagine how much more angry I got after thinking that the BW volumes were 3-4 rounds each. Then again, I was an ignorant 14-year old so what did I know. XD I know how it really works now! ^_^ After time passed, I got to really like the BW chapter. I like how both Black and White went through major character development after they both suffered traumatizing experiences (and not to mention, since I am a big fan of Pokemon Special traditions, how White got Tepig taken away from her and got Servine instead, which keeps up the tradition). As for the B2W2 chapter, well to be honest with you, I hated it at first because initially I thought that the only way to keep the starter tradition was to give Hugh a Pokedex (yes I know that that breaks the naming tradition but I didn't care atm) and give him Cedric's Samurott while giving Nate and Rosa's clothes to Black and White but after I thought it through, I thought that what Kusaka did was actually the better path since Rakutsu (if he's the rival Dexholder) got Dewott and if, ONLY if Rakutsu and Faitsu will eventually come to be known as Black 2 and White 2 (hey, Rakutsu's code name is Black 2) then Kusaka will save both the naming tradition and the starter tradition. ^_^ So yeah, I like how the B2W2 chapter is going so far. I like its originality compared to BW (at least the ending). The only parts that I don't like are their names (wtf is Rakutsu and Faitsu???) and how they are 12 instead of 14 like how Black and White were in their turns to shine.
    Yeah man, what's it's been, like three years? I remember that the HGSS chapter was running when I was a freshman in high school and now I'm a senior so I guess it has been three years after all. Boy, time flies huh? Well anyways, I did kinda quit Pokemon Adventures after the rushed ending in HGSS (I had no idea that the magazine versions weren't the final ones and I thought that Arceus raising its head scene was the actual final ending) because I was SO disappointed and pissed. Well, I did get back into Pokemon Adventures recently and you better believe that I was over the moon after reading the real ending of the HGSS chapter! Well, again, nice talking to you again!
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