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Recent content by 1dbad

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    February Plot Discussion

    Sun nicknaming his Pokemon after currency is amusing. Moon being a medic is unexpected, but I love how Kusaka always tries to do something new. Maybe she hopes to run a Pokemon Center when she gets older? Her being an archer is really cool. The similarities to Erica are fitting with all the...
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    Wow. As if that wasn't already one of their most bizarre edits, they honestly had to include a PSA about not drinking too much soda? I'm...just...speechless lol.
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    something's bothering me about the english BW manga.

    It's because the magazine version of the BW arc (which the mini volumes are based on) ended that way. We'll get the proper volume ending when the BW full sized volume releases reach there. That's why I recommend just waiting for them rather than buying the mini volumes.
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    Sird's Return

    I originally figured he'd try to wrap up her storyline in Platinum, but perhaps he decided to save her since that was going to be such a short/crowded arc? At least I'm hoping he's saving her for something, rather than trying to forget her altogether. I understand there's only so much he can do...
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    April Plot Discussion

    I understand thinking that, but strangely Takao Unno confirmed he designed Lyra from scratch. (rather than simply updating the Kris design, like he did with Ethan.) In any case, that's exactly what I was trying to say. :) My apologies if the wording was odd or something.
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    April Plot Discussion

    If you look at what's different in those cases, it becomes pretty easy to make a probable guess. (we have a pattern now, unlike before) If Z/whatever introduces two new leads, I think it's likely we'll get them like we did B2W2 did. As for why Lyra/Kotone is the exception? She was the only new...
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    I understand why they would do that (since that material is a lot better than the magazine's), but it lessens the incentive to buy the full-sized volumes even more. As long as they're still doing well enough to continue though I can't really complain too much.
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    April Plot Discussion

    Fan did have a very random schedule anyway, but it is disappointing it's gone. I understand with so much going on right now Kusaka and Yamamoto could use a lighter load, but at the same time the reason things start getting rushed near the end of arcs is because of only so many chapters being...
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    Darn. I was kind of hoping that it'd be left alone since it isn't that bad, but I'm mostly shocked that is the way they chose to turn it into. They actually made something darker, even if it was just an assumption on Todd's part. I think editing it into something like Emerald pouring out a drink...
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    The part that stood out to me was "These names were chosen at the request of The Pokémon Company." Wonder if they'll end up doing something similar when Viz releases B2W2? I'm guessing so.
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    I'm impressed by how much better Viz has gotten at their covers. I'm glad they're retaining the Emerald volume backgrounds as well. (not that I'm surprised since they have been for the past few older release volumes) As for B2W2, I imagine they'll release it as its own full-volume release like...
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    I'm okay, you? :) And I'm happy Tumblr's bursting with Korra.

    I'm okay, you? :) And I'm happy Tumblr's bursting with Korra.
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    Not sure where it came from since I didn't see it on Amazon, but Bulbapedia managed to find Viz's cover for volume 26: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Pok%C3%A9mon_Adventures_VIZ_volume_26.png Kept the Frontier symbols background as well, so I can think of a certain user who'll be...
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    I dunno about a CGI anime series, but I do know there's CGI anime movies at least. Saint Seiya...

    I dunno about a CGI anime series, but I do know there's CGI anime movies at least. Saint Seiya got one a while back. And I'll reply to your messages on Tumblr in a bit. Actually working on my fanfic review for you. ;)
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    Hey! Sorry my reply is late, not on here much anymore.

    Hey! Sorry my reply is late, not on here much anymore.