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  • I' ve yet to see a latios in the train. Have you tried the battle institute in nimbasa city? You just basicly fight 5 battles, single or double is up to you. As you win the battles get harder. Even if you lose, you keep going. And in the fifth battle, omg, its so hard. My friend played in the fifth battle, and his opponent had a freaking darkrai! He lost obviously, since he told that it kept using dark void. When I battled, my opponent had a zapdos, and I eneded up losing.
    No, I was in the super battle train and they put legendaries like that. I forgot in which streak I was, and I battled against someone who had a landorus, entei, and a regice.
    Man i finally get a 49 winning streak in the super single battle train, and then bang, I lose in the 54th battle. Has that ever happened to you?
    Hello, do you want to be friends? In case you ever wanna battle in the future. Hey, can you tell me what kind of set is your vaporeon? I mean it took ninetales's fire blast boosted attack like nothing.
    I would like to battle you. I am just a casual player, I don't give about tiers. MY friend code is at the bottom. P.M me if you are interested. Single battle though.
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