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  • Yeah I don't think we'll ever have an eighth gym battle without Pikachu lol. In fact I expect that the only reason it wasn't in the Wulfric first match is precisely because the writers knew they were putting it in the rematch.
    You should be honored. It was really funny to me that based on knowing Hawlucha, Talonflame, and Greninja were being used in the first match, you were 100% confident we finally had an 8th gym without Pikachu.

    And it was even funnier that as soon as the title for XY&Z29 was announced, you assumed Pikachu... and you were right!
    Reminds me of when I was one episode off of calling Litten's capture episode. xD Anyway, good job. :)

    This new batch of episode intrigues me, though. I'm not too interested in the Morelull episode admittedly, itvjust seems like a generic "spooky" episode. SM30 has an interesting plot and is lrobably development for Lillie. SM31 is Akala, enough said. And Lana is one of my favorite characters, so any episode focusing on her is good in my book (plus I'm holding on to my bold prediction that she will get the Waterium-Z in this episode).
    Hey dude, what's up? Just logged onto this site after a long time and was just going through my old conversations and reminiscing on old posts and threads.

    How's it going?
    I need to catch up with the episodes. I've been falling behind lol. But I'm glad to see rowlet making good progress. I'm waiting to see when litten comes back. I hope ash gets it. This is the first time since hoenn that I've seen ash have only 2 Pokémon for this long.
    Was he the one who named himself Dear Skiddo or something? Hopefully Ill have more interesting things to say next time. Maybe next time also we can invite other SPPF members. Imagine if we somehow got Schade in the group
    Hey man, I enjoyed skype once I got the hang of it. Would do it again any time, hopefully in the daytime and without being cut off by my phone battery running out
    I watched the first 3 episodes of sun and moon. Does it get better after that, because based in what I saw I probably wont see myself getting too interested in following the show

    Kiawe is pretty cool though
    Hey Minnah and I consider Drampa to be a high class species. This misdeed cannot go unpunished. Robert, prepare to meet your maker at the hands of my Mareanie launcher.

    *Launches a Mareanie at you*

    Would you say Sun/Moon are better than Gen VI's games?
    But I never knew about it because I avoided spoilers. Heck I was actually lucky I found a Hackamo-o because Jangmo-o called for help (which is like the dumbest mechanic ever imo). .__.

    See I'm saddened you get Turtonator but at the same time I get the adorable Drampa.
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