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  • This is getting stupid. Let's just forget about the past and pretend it never happened. I get how u feel about Paul using 5 different pokemon but I'm pretty sure that they're well trained. I'd love it if Paul used the same pokemon he used in the 6 on 6 battle too but nothing can be done about it. Trust me Paul's pokemon will battle just as hard as his other pokemon. Drapion already seems like a beast similar to Ursaring lol.
    yes i think i am mature b/c I follow the rules. If I were to say something like that to you then I'd say it to you on your profile like how I am now. You can get an infraction for saying things like that. You have a long way to get mature and learn to read the rules. If you read the rules you'd know that in a thread you'd stick to the topic and not say something person to some 1. When you learn that then that's when u can talk to me.
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