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  • Oh sorry, wasn't really paying attention... I'm gonna be doing a counter snubbull here soon, so if your intrested. Also for egg moves, give me a list of some you don't have and I'll see what I can do
    I can do the bagon, charmander, totodile, lapras, lotad, and pinco very easily...I can probably get the eevee, as for the skarmory, would roar be acceptable instead of whirlwind, I can probably do the counter teddiursa
    Tiers are gay. I think the whole tiers-thing should be abandoned. Ofcourse that doesn't count for the uber-tier, which is a good list of pokémon that indeed should be banned from competative playing since they're broken.
    Anyway, you're idea for my team is not so bad, though I'm really a fan of Weavile and since using pokémon I actually like is part of the fun in battling I think I'm going to puth him in my team anyway.
    Are you good in (competative) battles?

    Because after I'm done training Weavile I have 13 pokémon to choose from for my party, but I don't know which ones I should pick. This is the list of pokémon I've trainer or still training:

    - Weavile
    - Infernape
    - Torterra
    - Venussaur
    - Empoleon
    - Gyarados
    - Gengar
    - Mismagius
    - Luxray
    - Zapdos
    - Staraptor
    - Snorlax
    - Dugtrio

    Which 6 pokémon would you pick from that list (and why)?
    Sneasel evolves into Weavile by leveling up at evening/nights while holding Razor Claw, not through trading. :p It's already a Weavile now, thanks to you! :D
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