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  • My bad, I still need to add you. I will tonight next time I go on.

    As for the batting, I'm yet to try online battling yet. I'm sticking with IV breeding and EV training until PokeBank gets out yet. I wouldn't have much insight on it yet.
    For sure! I'm not quite yet situated for battling though. Been testing and running stat/typings. All I've done so far in X is shiny and IV breed, lol :p Once I EV them, I'll be sure to battle you.

    My FC is: 3711-7728-5652
    I haven't heard of anything being confirmed. I know a few people who were attempting to SR with no luck, but that doesn't directly mean it's locked. If I had to guess, I would say Xerneas and Yveltal are (Zygarde I'm unsure of), but it's all speculation.
    I'm actually from So Cal, OC. I'd love it if I were in MN though. It looks beautiful there. AP has been having a rough season, mostly due to his O-line. He's still playing alright, but not giving his name justice in my opinion. As far as fantasy goes he's still a solid pick though, so nice! I didn't end up doing fantasy this season. Missed my live draft and thought oh well lol.
    Same, I played from Red until Platinum and never encountered any to my knowledge, but I've been lucky lately. Yeah, the immersive graphics add a huge aspect to it.
    Will do next time I go on. I'm on a huge shiny hunt though so not sure when I'll continue. I've always been more of a post-game person in Pokemon, but the playthrough in this game feels so much less tedious and monotonous.
    Only the best RPG of all time SUIKODEN!!! Surprised it wasn't mentioned yet, and of course Pokemon.
    I've only played the first game. It's fun, but as an RPG itself, is quite average in quality. I hated the fact that most of the bossfights in the game were pretty much the same fight with different graphics and stats. None of the bosses even used status effects or anything.

    But how's the rest of the franchise?
    Nah, can't go to a midnight release. Turning out to be a really hectic weekend for me, so I'm gonna try getting it tomorrow or Sunday.
    Definitely. It's a good investment too, all the limited edition consoles usually go up a bit in price. What I would give for the Japan-exclusive Charizard 3DS LL...
    I'd hope it would be, but no clue. Could go either way. I for sure am buying a physical copy though, I've never been a cloud storage guy. Hardware is more reliable than software in my opinion. When are you planning to get one? Gonna grab a limited edition X and Y XL maybe? Nope, coastal. I'm in OC SoCal.
    Nice. I grabbed him too. I missed a ton of events while on break from playing, so I'm glad I got the chance to get these three. As for the PokeBank, since it's only $5 I'll be sure to get it. I already have some shinies I want to transfer to my X and Y to EV train and level there. A shame it won't transfer items though. What do you think about being able to download X and Y through the eShop? I'd be really hesitant, because the in-game data isn't backed up, is it? So if something happens to your 3DS, your game goes with it. I'd be surprised if it is backed up since it seems like that could be easily exploited.
    Just black right now. I got my Zekrom's to lvl. 100 and just picked up a shiny lvl. 100 Giratina from gamestop. You gonna get the poke bank feature when it comes out?
    Thanks, did the same lol.

    I'm still playing Black 2. EV training a team up and trying to breed a shiny Zorua. I have HeartGold now since I took a break when it got released, so I need to find time for that too. What about you?
    I'm going with Squirtle too. Probably Chespin for my Kalos starter since Fennekin's final form isn't what I expected it to be. Yeah, the graphics look great! I'm really pumped, I just need to decide on which version to get. I'll probably wait until a few more version exclusives come out. Which probably won't take too long since tons of people have already received their copies.
    Without a doubt! A little discouraged since I haven't pre-ordered it. If I pre-ordered on Amazon it wouldn't have come until the 18th lol. I'll get my hands on it quick though. What about you? Got your starters picked out?
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