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  • Same thing here, i only do platinum at the moment, but i plan on getting white in the future. I also plan to have Arceus bow down to me.

    And i warn you, i use Mewtwo. Mewtwo has the highest special attack in the game.
    its fine, i dont cheat (so i dont prefer doing it, i really hate it) but i got loads of lvl 100s by the global trading station, and i lvl up alot of my own, but yeah we should have one or two good battles..... im getting white...so if u want to battle in HG/SS might want to tell me before i get all pokemon to that game (unless your getting B/W. then we might want too wait) hope we can battle one day......P.S. I can only battle on weekends
    I do play the games, but im having a hard time connecting to wi-fi. I warn you, i create (AR) legendaries for certain things.
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