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Last Activity:
Apr 8, 2020
Oct 24, 2009
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2fast2good was last seen:
Apr 8, 2020
    1. TVGuru
      Sorry I had forgot to check your shop. So the Morning Sun Larvesta for the unhatched TRU Pansage egg?
    2. Ausgirl
      Actually I should be able to trade tonight.
    3. Ex_Hollowman
      Hey I have Birthday Audinos (Tokyo, Saopporo) and PALCITY Lucario and want your DW Leafeon, Umbreon and Espeon.
    4. manaphy72
      hello im manaphy72 and please dont give me a warning from your shop if you count this as an asking.

      im trying to MM and i am looking for a japenese magicarp or a gyrados lvl 60 and above if you have either of those please tell me
    5. Zak Attack XIII
      Zak Attack XIII
      I'm ready to trade you leafeon now... i'm in the Wi-Fi club, waiting until your ready.....
    6. Afwan
      can you trade now?
    7. Ex_Hollowman
      It's japanese.
    8. Ex_Hollowman
      The DW Arceus OT is Mat. It's legit unlike other DW Pkmn with the same OT. The DW Mudkip OT is Japanese Digits. The DW Togekiss OT is Sweet.
    9. kylie123
      thank you sooooo so much ... you are awesome !
    10. Ex_Hollowman
      I want these from your shop: Befriend A Pokemon Leafeon (Adamant)
      Befriend A Pokemon Espeon (Naive)
      Pokemon Pia Piplup (Modest)

      I can offer these: Pokemon Pia Bulbasaur UT
      Pokemon Pia Charmander UT
      Pokemon B/W Guide Mudkip UT
      Pokemon Fan Togekiss UT
      Pokemon Popularity Quiz Arceus
      Pokemon Centre Birthday Audino UT

      Pick 3 that you want.
    11. Ang3l
      You just made me the happiest person in the world, I've been waiting so long for this victini. Thankyou thankyou thankyou sooo much =)
    12. Ang3l
      Hey don't worry about the friend code, I got it from your shop. I'm in the wifi room and I'm ready to trade. I'll stay in the room for 1 hour, but I'm afraid I'll have to leave after that. If you dont make it in time, we'll sort something out later ok? Oh and I'm using my white version so make sure you dont add the wrong FC. See you soon hopefully =)
    13. Ang3l
      I'll need your friend code sorry lol
    14. Ang3l
      Sorry about that, I had a small emergency. I will be available to trade for the next 12-15 hours, just PM me
    15. Ang3l
      Working out a trade time is probably going to be hard, but I will be available to trade for the next 12 hours or so. I'm GMT+10, but I'm pretty flexible with my trading so just PM me next time you're online and hopefully we can trade =)
    16. KnyfeStab
      how about now? my code is in my sig and whats yours?
    17. Ex_Hollowman
      What happened? Why did you exit?
    18. KnyfeStab
      Hello i have a Befriend a Pokeemon DW Espeon for trade. could i get the ANA Darkrai?
    19. Ex_Hollowman
      Hey, I'm interesting in your Carlita's Hydreigon. I have the DW Pokemon Pia Bulbasaur and DW Pokemon Black & White Guidebook Torchic to offer for it. I also have the DW Befriend a Pokemon! Flareon and Vaporeon. VM me back regarding this.
    20. Ang3l
      I'm interested in your movie 14 victini. I have a UT befriend a pokemon DW flareon. If you're interested could you please PM me?
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    Friend Safari: Swirlix, Togepi, Floette.

    Looking for X/Y Exclusive MegaStones (PM to offers)

    If your first language is spanish let me know, we can talk in that language for better comunication i guess.