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  • I see, and if a pokemon has two ways of boosting such as double dance Terrakion, what boost does it get? (I have been asking a lot of questions)
    That is really cool, and now I understand. This must of taken a lot of time and effort. It looks like it would be an amazing stratgy planner. Wouldn't dragonite counter itself if it wins a speed tie?
    Contrary Serperior

    High OU easily. Storm / HP / Seed / Sub shreds pretty much everything barring some scarfers.
    just sayin.
    That is actually how I got into competitive battling in the first place. There is so much strategy behind what you do, its amazing. I've seen the nice reviews you've given in the competitive section. Really looking forward to threads you post in the future.
    pi-kachu. e-pic i(maginary)-nventor. Cool. You must really like math and the statistics behind pokemon.
    've been busy whith my Doubles team for the BS now, but i'll start working at the Role Absorb for OU now. I'm thinking Skarmory and Restalk Gyarados could benefit the greatest from it.
    I test the team and I am going to post an rmt. I changed latios to reunicus after I used soul dew latios. I got a 968. I also tried a team in ubers with, kyorge, skarmory, groundon, reshiram, thundurus ( replacing), and arceus. Again Thank You for the advise, and have a good day. =)
    Thanks, and yeah, it's old and i get it, but idk why it's locked

    HO EX- Infernape comes out VS. Scizor
    Scizor switches, goes into Jellicent while you SD
    Jelli walls Ape, you switch, Jelli uses Scald and gets a burn, Toxic, Recover, Taunt e.t.c

    BO EX- Ape comes out VS. Scizor
    Scizor Switches, goes into Jelli
    Ape uses U-turn, goes into Thuderdurus (b4 he was banned)
    Jelli switches, goes into Jirachi as Thuderdurus uses Nasty Plot
    T-Bolt does Over half, Jirachi uses T-Wave but Lum Berry Saves you
    You sweep oppo team w/ Thuderus
    no. you damaged your reputation on your own when you posted the thread.
    trust me, there was a long conversation about the thread on xat before I left you the VM.
    anyhow, honestly, no offense, but just take the damn blame. if I did something dumb (and I won't deny that I have many times), I wouldn't insult the person who called me out on it, I would learn more and correct my errors in the future.
    I have this idea about a team.
    I call it, 2 weather.
    It is basicly a team with two weather starters and pokémon who can take advange of both the weathers.
    Like skmory or ferrotron. They like rain and sandstorm, (they like rain better though).
    One of the pokémon should carry sunny day/ rain dance/ sand storm/ hail.
    Next you need a sweeper. Kabutops (@ battle armor if playing by smogon rules)
    He gets the spdef boost and water stab, rain boosted choice band water fall.
    Add reunicles for sytegy aganst fighting.
    Now you have,
    Politoad- grass, electrtc.
    T-tar- fighting, bug, water, grass
    Skarmory- electikc, fire
    Reunicus- bug, dark, ghost.
    Pokemon with bug restst.
    Pokemon with eletrikc resit.
    That is my team.

    Oh and don't worry, every one makes mistake. No one is perfect. My spelling is the farthest thing form perfect. :)
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