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  • All im saying is you have posted absolutely nothing on this forum of any use to any member competitively. Hyper defense is stall. You have no concept of what stall even is. So please stay away from competitive discussion and play if you don't understand it.
    lol its the same thing as stall. And no stall's only goal isn't to "waste time" its to rack up damage through entry hazards and residual damage by forcing the opponent to switch. Its the same thing, and based off all the VMs you got stating otherwise I'm surprised you haven't figured this out yet.
    Lol, before this gets out of hand, I just want you to know that I wasn't trying to make you feel noobish or anything. I was just attempting a little friendly advice, and I sincerely hope you received it as such.

    Please don't "enemy" me. :eek:
    A minor mistake? Good posts and teams and strategies? All you have ever posted as a thread or as a reply to one has been misguided and ignorant garble. For instance your unplayable immunity team. That team was completely weak to groound and fighting two of the most prominent attack types in the meta. Such negelegence of synergy can be nowhere near considered genius or even strategy as you like to claim yourself to have. You are the scourge of serebii and the reason why the RMT and competitive discussion threads are filled with noobish posts. You cant build teams and you cant rate them. So please stop while you are ahead. Sincerely, a Good user,
    I can see the diffrence between stall and HD. They are almost the same, they include bulky pokemon and entry hazards. Your statagey is to force swichs. Can i add you as a friend, as I want to tell you an idea for a team is.
    all the vm you sent me showed was ignorance about how stall is played...

    and lol who gives a damn how it's named. Everyone who plays competitive knows what stall is and how it works....(utilizing residual damage in the form of hazards/weather/status to wear down sweepers whilst forcing switches and [!!!!!] setting up hazards).

    and if your thread was referring to some weird thing like dual screens stall based balance (lol) then that's even worse, since teams like that shouldn't be wasting a mon to use screens anyways since they don't abuse them enough.

    tl;dr, all i've gathered is that you have no idea what stall is and how it works. I highly recommend reading the RMTs that I linked in my first VM to you!
    For the record, stall is designed to use resistances and defenses to wall sweepers and force them to switch. I honestly see no difference between this and Hyper Defense.
    what EE said

    Come on, BH. HD is more complicated than stall. In stall, the goal is to waste the opponent's turns, but in HD, the goal is to cause switches. If that's how you feel about it, why not just write "aka sweeping" on the HO article?
    lol, HO is using sweepers that have chemistry to sweep, HD is just stall, dumbass
    and no just for the record the thread you posted was about stall
    just bad stall instead of good stall (or I guess you might just not understand stall very well)
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