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  • oh well, some of the teams aren't so gimmicky, for example, the E4 uses Sand and Rain (sun is taken, and Hail is gimmicky) Plus there is an "entry hazards" based Gym - pseudo gimmick without sand, but it works...
    into Gimmicks are ya?

    Well I might have something for you! I'm starting up a new league very soon, but I need to get people as Gym leaders and e4 - I already have one Gym leader, but considering you like Gimmicks, how's about this?

    My league is different from others, because instead of using Monotype, the Gym leaders are using Gimmick Strategies! These are:

    Gravity, Wonder Room, Multitype (<-Kecleon, not Arceus), DualScreens, Entry Hazards, Tailwind, Mist, Safeguard/Lucky Chant, Magic Room, Burn Abuse, Sleep (<-Resttalk [or snore lolol] and something like Breloom that works off of sleeping the opponent)
    Just dropped by to say, you sir and/or madam have a very clever username. I didnt get it at first but i got to thinking about and said to myself "touche" >.>
    You actually thought those would pass by someone who got the username. Although, I'll admit, 2.72 stumped me at first.
    You have an amazingly win username. Great creativity.
    Hell and damnation! This is sounding really corny!
    I do truly mean it though.
    yeah, i didn't know it was yours, thought it was some random off the internet, mind if i use it, i'll give credit
    I'm kind of in a rush here, but here's one thing.
    You have a fast sky-dropper, (aerodactyl for instance).
    He skydrops the first turn, the same turn Trick Room is used.
    He finishes his skydrop at the end of the second turn due to trick room

    I have some ideas involving it, but I'm about to leave, so see if you can figure them out.
    I rated it, sorry if it sounded harsh though :p
    It was not my intention, just being honest.

    You are still not able to do DS battles?

    Dont worry, expercience will help you be an good battlers
    every pro was an beginner afterall xD
    I'm not the best at triples, and those kind of gimmicks.
    But dude your team is great, I really liked the idea, I'll see if I can rate it :)
    I closed the clan due inactivity from my side, but it was an nice run.
    The battling could be better, i am trying alot of strategy's out
    but somehow they work better in thoery lol.

    The art is just going as it should, improving.

    How are you doing? nice avi btw ;)
    I have a proposition for you. If you are interesting in collaborating with me on making a Triples team involving your Sky Drop tactics and some of my ideas involving it, I would be quite pleased.
    Quite pleased indeed.

    Wishing you the best,
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