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  • 3.14kachu for your strategy competition i suggest hydreigon... its a great mixed sweeper just so many options i really recommend it
    I would join, but I don't have any pokemon to trade. I don't actually have the games because I'm waiting for Gray Version to come out. Mostly, I only do theoretical stuff.
    I'll join your group but can you join mine it's called ev trades and its for trading fully ev trained poke on you can ge to it through my page
    My Typhlosion has an awesome Eruption / Reversal combo and a Focus Sash (yeah, it's a mixed sweeper). My Altaria uses Rage and Roost.
    Altaria does the RoostRage set way better, actually, but Guts is still best for Swellow. Just use a physical sweeping set.
    Guts is WAY better. With the Flame Orb, his attack rises from a puny max 150 to a monstrous 225. Besides, with a movepool of Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Rage, and Roost (my favorite set. Rage, then Roost), it can hit all ghost types anyway. Adamant is probably the best nature.
    To Pokemaniak: I actually did. And DynamicPunch, too! Isn't that AWESOME?
    To Quagsireking: Adamant is definitely the best nature for a Crobat, as its attack is only 90, and its speed is 130. However... Golbat is actually very competent with the Eviolite. If it's Modest, it can use Tailwind, Heat Wave, Air Slash / HP Dragon, and heal itself with Giga Drain (or roost, but that makes it vulverable to super-effective ground moves).
    I have a jolly zubat and an adamant zubat both with brave bird and steel wing and am wondering which one i should use and a good moveset for the one i use any ideas?
    What I meant was, well, have a look at the post with Scrafty.

    Also, Trivia: Did you know that Wooper can learn Ice Punch?
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