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Recent content by 3.14kachu

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    Community POTW #52

    Mew @ Life Orb Ability: Synchronize Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP - Swords Dance - Drain Punch - Sucker Punch - Flame Charge This is one of my all-time favorite movesets for Mew, especially in OU. Swords Dance is less expected there, and this set does well against the...
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    My OU Sun Team

    I dunno... I would go with HP Ice for Gliscor and Dragons, but whatever. The one terrible mistake you've made is your lack of Ground resists. Your team is so horribly weak to ground that it is unexcusable. And no, Air Balloon doesn't count. (You're a bit fighting-weak, too, but I'll let that...
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    This Team Deserves a Theme Song!

    Your team has an overall weakness to Electric, which could lead to trouble, as you may end up relying too much on Latios. Rotom-W will probably give this team a hard time, as you carry no grass moves and Milotic is your best special wall. To be honest, it seems like Milotic is the weakest (not...
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    My first sun team

    IMO, Darmanitan outclasses Arcanine with this type of moveset, so I would definitely make that swap. However, it's a bit redundant, and your team is very Rock-Weak. I recommend Metagross as the best option in terms of synergy.
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    It looks to be a clear day outside~ (OU)

    The team is decent, but very weak to Electric types, especially Magnezone. It would take no effort for it to destroy your Jirachi and Forretress, and nothing in your team can switch into its Thunderbolt without some hard damage.
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    Magnadragon ou team!

    Dude, and I mean this in the best possible way, this team has no synergy at all. 3 of your pokemon are fighting-weak, 3 are ground-weak, and 3 are ice-weak, and the number of good switch-ins you have just doesn't cut it. You could reduce some of these weaknesses with Scarf Infernape or...
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    Christmas SPAM! (NU HO)

    I'm surprised at how seriously everyone is taking this team. You have awful fire and fighting weaknesses, an electric weakness with no counters but Snover, and Jynx is the only pokemon actually capable of dealing damage to anything. I mean, come on! Delibird as your Rapid Spinner? It gets...
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    Rain stall peak #12 PO DW OU

    Isn't this team a tad bit Dark and Electric weak? Ferrothorn is your only counter to both.
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    The power within.

    I only have a few comments. First, there is no such thing as a good late-game sweeper with a Focus Sash. You have no spinner, so by the time Deoxys comes into play, you should expect hazards to be up, rendering that item moot. Try Life Orb instead for the extra power. Second, I'm sorry...
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    Watch out for Scarf Terrakion. Individually, everything on your team is OHKO'ed by it, with the possible exception of Jirachi. Scarf Infernape will also rip your team to shreds.
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    Fun in the OU

    This team doesn't seem fit from OU. Ignoring completely the fact that most of these pokemon are lower tier, the team still has a huge rock weakness. Latios is basically carrying the team, being the only resist to Electric, Water, and (because Ninjask has the defense of wet paper) Fighting on...
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    Anti-Metagame Pokemon

    I always use it with Magnezone, anyway, so I don't really care. If I see a Scizor on team preview, I'll send Latios in only after Scizor is gone. Metagross, though, has a very limited amount of pokemon that it can deal with because of its slow speed. Infernape, Volcarona, and Earthquake abusers...
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    Anti-Metagame Pokemon

    Scarf Latios. What a great revenge killer. You can switch it in to most attacks thanks to its phenomenal typing and ability, and then wreak havoc. To name a few things it outspeeds and counters, it easily takes care of Deoxys-S, virtually all dragons at +1 speed, Shell Smash Cloyster at +2...
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    Pokemon that could be great but it type makes it bad

    In case nobody brought it up, Glaceon. It has an awesome 130 Sp. Atk, and great defenses that let would let it survive multiple hits, especially if it was part of a Vaporeon Substitute Baton Pass chain. Alas, its ice typing makes it way too easy to KO. If those same stats were on a...
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    Competitive play without stealth rock

    What does spinning have to do with removing hazards anyway? I feel like moves like Surf and Heat Wave clear the field much better than spinning would. Of course, giving those moves the power to remove hazards would break the hazards metagame.