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  • Not much of a fight??

    Treecko has no defence. A Sucker Punch might have taken him out. And then a Sucker Punch on Ultima.

    It was miles closer than you think!

    Good game, better luck in the next tourny :)
    Mine's in my sig.

    Dont put yourself out before you start.

    I lost my first match in a different tourny earlier 4-1. All thanks to one big mistake.

    Anyway, good luck and have fun. Il VM you at about 5 to :D
    Yeah, thats fine.

    Sorry about the timing, but our internet isnt awesome and its best if I have it all to myself :)

    My FC is in my sig.

    Il get yours off your sig if its there. If not, il wait til you reply with it :p

    Good luck in advance. And again, im sorry about the time.

    How long we standing around before we presume a no-show? 20past or something?

    Dont worry, if you cant get on or something, il do it in the day :)

    Just il have to make sure my sister is out. :(

    Im better off battling at midnight (Internet all to myself).

    And my sister is being a git and keeps turning off the router.

    Midnight for me is in 7 hours. Is that an ok time for you? If not, tell me when is, il try and battle then.
    DOnt worry about yesterday.AS you can see,I couldnt respond to you because I had problems.Apperantly,the "wifi hotspot" I was going to was my cousins apartment buildings.Outside there buildings was wifi and I used to use it all the time.Well yesterday the person who owned that wifi as taken it away I was my because I thought I stood you up lol.Is I go some other place soon,ILL let you know.
    Since you told me yours ill tell you mine:Infernape,empoleon,electovier starraptor,garchomp,charizard.I might change charizard.
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