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  • okay thats good, but its up to you trade for them today or wait a few weeks, i have drivers ed for the next 2 weeks so i will be busy a lot
    sorry that i haven't finished them, i have them at lv73 omastar and lv72 breloom i have 2 rare candies that i can use on them if you want i have just been booked with school work lately so i wasn't able to 100% finish them but breloom has stone edge, seed bomb, leech seed, and spore omastar has stealth rock, toxic spikes, earth power, and ice beam so you can have them back today, if i don't trade back today you will have to wait 2-3 weeks before i can trade again
    Sorry about the late reply, I tried to answer using my phone but my touch screen was being all wonky and deleted your message. The RNGs are coming along slowly for now. I'm collecting the Pokemon I'll need for them at the moment. I haven't officially started on them beyond that because I'm still catching up on other RNG requests (I had almost 10 people to RNG for but I'm down to just 2 left now).

    Ah, that sounds simple enough :) Well, glad that its not for a clan, so it can be dealt with easy.

    Except I can't do fonts off DaFont...
    horrible i been getting more busier with my shop and then on top of it work and my clan....it may be awhile before i get to that request you asked :/ really sorry...
    Ugh well unless you can trade tonite (like in 5-6 hours), then we'll have to postpone longer. Sorry that we've both been busy and this hasn't been able to get done!
    I'll prolly be on for 2-3 hours tonite after work.
    sorry about the confusion during the trade of the clone backs-i can complete the trade today-had an issue with home computer and DS use last evening --
    i apologize for the inconvience and offer restitution in the form of additional pokemon from my shop let me know what you want and i will add it to the clone back trade-
    again i am very sorry for the trouble
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