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  • i get you which doesn't bother me with another play through once I normally play one through I don't want to again XD I use to when I wans younger but now I just get one copy of the game and play through it once :p
    alrighty i be able to trade in a minute just got to organize my boxes with the new trades I got ^_^
    how about this I give you two credits for now and if you do give me one more thing either a candy or pp up later on I give another credit for you later on?
    if you do 3 rare candies its 1 credit and if you do the golden bottle cap its 1 credit so in total trade you would get two credits the other two will not get a credit unless you add one more rare candy or pp up to the lot that make sense? about to trade with someone atm
    Oh sure, I'll add a credit :). Didn't expect you to reply so soon, so give me a few min, have to reply to a business mail that just popped up.
    All night was midnight for me xD. I'll be around today though, feel free to message me here on on Discord.
    alrighty all done thanks for the trade ^_^ both should have hidden abilities on them ^_^ and thanks for the new stuff which funny thing I have heavy ball snorlax but never got to transfer it over yet so that saves me time now lol thanks again ^_^
    alright nicknamed him now gunna add you in and get online so just a heads up got two breedjects I was breeding for a bit hopefully its something you don't have ^_^
    I normally don't keep spares of correct spreads ready for trade so no but I am eating my dinner atm late since I had work but your still on by the time I am finish we can trade at least for your jangmo-o :3
    yeah I be sending breedjects over for two of the rare candies and the 3rd one will be your jangmo-o ^_^ you can save those other rare candies for something else ^_^
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