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Recent content by 50mew_mew

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    BlazingFury's Request Shop!

    blaze can i get a userbar What picture you want on the userbar: mew and darkrai plz What colour you want the userbar to be: pink and black can i get them fading into each other plz What you want written on the userbar: mew and darkrai's gym p.s. pm me when its done plz
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    slm 2 can u make me a Trainer Card with Team Pose - Base number: 8 Name: dawn Trainer sprite: http://i31.*******.com/2e2md0o.png Pokemon on the sides: mew and darkrai Other Pokemon: mew darkrai arceus dialga palkia giratina Badges: all of the dp ones pm me when it done
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    .:~Sparkling Shine Shop~:.

    ok it to aipom star
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    .:~Sparkling Shine Shop~:.

    aipom star can i 1 get 1 tc Size: 8 Pokemon in Boxes:mew, darkrai, arceus, palkia, dialga, honchkrow, gallade and gardivor Pokemon Beside Trainer: mew Trainer; http://i31.*******.com/2e2md0o.png Name:dawn Badge;all new ones Background: cloulds
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    *stardust's shop* Back for ver. 3.0!!!

    can i get a re-type pokemon mew dragon and also a Magmortar and Garchomp body and an custom angel trainer and ty for the manaphy
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    *stardust's shop* Back for ver. 3.0!!!

    hey someone can you make me a manaphy/ phione manaphy as a base on and dont ask me why i want it coz my sis does
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    hey morning star plz open the shop plz

    hey morning star plz open the shop plz
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    ~ Platinum Charizard * Sprite Requests ~

    ill have i mew Obscure Recolor with blue red and puple in between and a angel mew
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    Shop of Twilite~

    can i have a Custom Trainer Cynthia a angel mew cyber and if u can a Trainer Morph in to a arceus