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  • Ik I'm worried about that too. Tbh, if I had to guess the final two pre-merge boots, it'd be Kass and Jefra/Lindsey
    Totally. The first two votes were blindsides (especially Garrett) and the other two were up in the air and could have easily swung either way. My two favorites at this point are Spencer and Lindsey
    Sure thing. What timezone are you in again? I just want to have a general idea of when afternoon is for you so that I don't decide you didn't show up and go to sleep.
    If you mean Tuesday I'm all for it. Otherwise we'll have to wait until friday because between homework, saxophone, and other commitments I'm not available Wednesday and Thursday. I'd also prefer to battle on Friday mostly because I have a weird schedule for the next couple of days at school with more classes than I usually have, and that may result in more homework. But I can try and get on this afternoon.
    Don't mind the random message, but I just noticed one small thing on that post of yours on the VoltTurn team rate and didn't want to clutter the thread by posting about it there. You mentioned "Earth Plate Landy is a very underrated, yet effective set, OHKOing any AV Conk in sight with Earthquake", but...

    252+ Atk Earth Plate Landorus-T Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Conkeldurr: 244-288 (69.5 - 82%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

    It actually falls short of the 1HKO, requiring three layers of spikes and stealth rock to be able to guarantee the 1HKO.

    I hope this doesn't offend or anything. Apologies if it does.
    Oh, thanks for letting me know! That makes two posts I need to look through once I get done with my work, then.
    Yeah ik! After a quick scan of the each of their bios, I'm initially a fan of Garrett from Luzon Tribe (brains)
    That will be great. I will try my hardest. I can be found on the TEG Xat if you have a better time that we can play
    Congratulations on being drafted by the Kickass Carrots as the 17th overall pick and 5th pick of the second round of The Combatants Cup II Draft.
    Yeah, idk how to start a xat so if you wanna start one for the Kickass Carrots (if you know how) that'd be great!
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