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  • I'm a huge eon fan too!!! :D Can we be friends? :) and talk all about eevee and its awesome evolutions?

    Eevee is probably one of the pokemon i look at images of the most XD
    i love your profile pick and username. they are so cool. i wish me could be friends. you seem like a nice person. i love the eeveelitions.
    is ok for me im usually quiet, but is nice if we talk atless time to time. I Hope u do well your exams.
    Pardon my popping out of no where, but I just wanna say hi and that I hope these past few years have been good to you. You deserve it.
    Oh, I didn't know that. Dang, I'll have to replay that one then. >_<

    That must have been disappointing to learn. I would have been upset. Dragons are the best thing ever. Have you seen The Hobbit? Benedict Cumberbatch played Smaug and there's a behind the scenes footage of him physically acting out Smaug's movements while voicing. I thought it was really neat, and dragons reminded me of Smaug...
    Hahaha, that is true.

    I think I'm always wishing that I can play an Eevee in the Mystery Dungeon games.

    I tried Skyrim, but I couldn't get into it. When people explain it, it sounds really fun, but when I play, it is a struggle. Good luck at school and gaming! That sounds so much more exciting that sitting around doing nothing.
    Dang. I thought combining things would be interesting. Which edition is considered the "best"? And why? Or do people play all versions equally? Your adventure sounds like a struggle. :p
    It's better to be addicted to Magic then drugs. Unless you do both, then that's double expensive and that must be a really entertaining match...

    Oh gosh, I want the games to become friends with them all!! I feel like all the Pokemon games are becoming really easy now. I liked X and Y because you could customise the characters, but I disliked it because my characters leveled so easily, (I sort of liked it so I didn't have to grind to level, but also didin't because it made everything too easy). All the games I used to play are so much easier now, and it honestly makes me kind of sad because the challenge is gone and you never feel as satisfied once you achieve certain point...

    Which Pokemon could you become in the new Mystery Dungeon?
    Are you looking for an IT job? Or a job in general?

    Can you combine editions? Or is that forbidden? I always hear about the campaigns my friends do and it sounds fun and interesting. I might try it again when I return, and I'm going to try your advice as well. How do you get into character and not be embarrassed? Do you just get used to it?
    Oh wow...well at least if you are in dire need of money you could sell them for a lot...do people put insurance on their cards? That sounds stupid when I say that out loud...but if they invest so much on them, I was wondering if they do more to protect them.

    4th edition? Do they make new rules or something? Or add more races and class type? (I cannot think of the word other than class...) Drakes are the short lizard people right? Dragon armor I can understand. But dragon holding a sword and shield? That's a bizarre image to me. Are there limitless types of characters in Dungeons and Dragons? Can you make your own armor and weapons or only allowed what is provided? And if its only what are in the books, can you like...combine? weapons so they can be used well together or something?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
    Have a new year resolution?
    Oh my gosh. $30,000 for ONE card??? That's....really ridiculous. I'm sorry, but why? How does it get THAT expensive? I don't understand how a card is worth so much...Even $1500...I don't understand!!!!!! D: HOW?!?!!

    So each player is a dragon? Not human with a dragon companion or something? How do dragons wield items? I thought items were necessary.

    I have a feeling that I will not do well with programming then because grammar is my strongest trait in learning languages...and your description makes sense (hardware vs software), thank you.
    I like SAO. I haven't seen the second season yet though, I should probably get around to that.

    How expensive can Magic get? I heard that depending on the card or something, it can get insanely expensive...I personally wouldn't spend a lot of money on it, but I like to watch my friends play it. Dungeons and Dragons, I would like to improve in, but I feel really self conscious playing it. I'm fine at roleplaying online, but when it's in person, I feel awkward. What kind of campaign are you going to do? A friend of mine is planning on doing a RWBY campaign (because RWBY is awesome). I think some worlds (is that what its called?) are really creative, like futuristic steampunk combination and stuff (I just really like anything steampunk).

    The programming and foreign language difference makes sense. Does programming language have grammar? From my understanding, you speak it by saying "go back" "go down" "go here" "go there", etc...

    Kimchi is fermented cabbage/cucumber/radish/other vegetables that you "wash" in salt to shrink it (if done right then it will still be crunchy and not too salty), then rinse in cold water. You add sugar, red chilli peppers, green onions, garlic, more salt if needed. Some people like it, others don't. It's traditional side dish in Korea, so you eat it with basically every meal...

    What's the difference between hardware and software? Sorry, I do not know anything about computers (or VERY little, but its easier saying I don't know any of it). I probably should, since I'm an animation major and that requires some basic understanding of computers.......
    Korean food is delicious. I love it. But some textures might be too much for some because they aren't used to it. They can be super spicy, super sweet, super super spicy and just oh my goodness. I may be exaggerating since I absolutely love Korean food. But they can get extremely spicy. There are non spicy food as well, and they are also yummy. There's even amounts of vegetables and meat, and of course rice. There's TONS of side dishes, which comes with the meals (so no extra costs) but they are mainly vegetables. Kimchi is huge, since you eat it with basically every meal. I could go on forever. But it depends on seasons too. Like some meals (like pumpkin porridge) is for late autumn and winter, while others like sullungtang (not sure how to spell it in English... but it's cow bone/tail soup and it's for summer. Unless I'm confusing it with samgaetang which is chicken soup with ginseng...(English translations are super weird...). Also fruit. Strawberries are spring, watermelons are summer...yeah...fruit is SUPER expensive here...

    What exactly do you do in IT? I picture you fixing computers, or something, but I feel like there's more to it than that?
    I have to watch that...

    Ahri is my main. I can run away with her so I don't die xD

    You sound like my boyfriend and best guy friend...they love Magic and Dungeons and Dragons. Are these two like, a must play for computer people? It just seems that every person I know who are into computers, and gaming, love Magic and D&D...what about them attracts "nerds" (I don't know how to categorize people who are into techy stuff and games and anime and whatnot...)? I think this comes of mean, but I don't mean it to be. I am seriously curious on why it appeals to them. I've tried, I don't understand or I just kind of suck at Magic. I get self conscious with Dungeon and Dragons because it requires acting which I cannot do either unless it's a musical/opera...

    Wow. Is learning programming languages more or less similar to learning a foreign language? Or are they too different because I know someone who can learn programming, but can't learn a foreign language.
    YES!!! You are the only one I know who thinks the same as me!!! Eeveelutions, Vulpix and Ninetales are beautiful fox Pokemon!

    What kind of games? I recently learned League of Legends, and I suck...and I got back into World of Warcraft sort of. I use my friend's account, and only play once in a while when I don't have anything to do.

    Programming languages? I thought programming was different depending on who's doing it because everyone does it differently...and you built a tablet? And other techy stuff...yup. Super powers. :p Is building a tablet different to building a computer?

    I knew words like mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher, school, hello, I'm hungry, and where's the bathroom...so nothing all that useful. But a lot of Koreans I've met and store clerks know simple English words for their store. Like plastic bag, buy 1 get 1 xxx, made in Korea (they like to emphasise it was made in Korea). So it should be fine.

    Aren't you double majoring?
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