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May 28, 2020 at 3:51 AM
Jul 26, 2008
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Oct 13, 1992 (Age: 27)
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Wherever I am needed.
Information Security Analyst

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Master of the Skies, Male, 27, from Wherever I am needed.

Squawk. Jun 11, 2018

7eeveelutions was last seen:
May 28, 2020 at 3:51 AM
    1. eeveelutionlove
      Hahahahaha, saw the video and it was hilarious!!!! I loved it! How much did all of that cost?!!?
    2. eeveelutionlove
      How would a small Eeveelution carry it's owner using fly??? I wonder if it's possible? Or maybe it's just magic! I heard people say that Sylveon is going to be a flying type...that can't be right. And flying type must have wings! Or else they can't fly!

      There's not a lot of jobs available right now, so I guess its to be expected...TT-TT

      Just got finished with my individual interview, and I'm pretty sure I sort of screwed up. Gah, I was so nervous!!!
      Yes please!!! I so want to see that!! Oh goodness, you are lucky you were good friends with your RA, I'm sort of acquainted with mine, and more friends with other RA's.
    3. eeveelutionlove
      That's true. I think a flying Eeveelution and dragon Eeveelution types would be pretty fun to have.

      I know right?!

      Hahaha, a day at home is always relaxing.

      Had my group interview for becoming an RA the other day, and now my individual interview is on Friday. I am so nervous! I was nervous for the group one also, and I hope I did good at it. And I hope I do good on my individual one also, because I really want to be an RA sooooo bad!!!!! Wanted to be one since my sophomore year in high school!!!!! ^^'''
    4. Banana Bloodplanet
      Banana Bloodplanet
      Yeah, I can kind of relate. I've sometimes procrastinated on assignments and when I didn't get them done by the day they were due, I just didn't go to class. And there was this one time I intended to read stories for English, but what actually ended up happening was an hour-long conversation with my friends about which of our college's campuses could make the best musical XD
    5. Banana Bloodplanet
      Banana Bloodplanet
      I'm pretty good, I guess. I just started my second semester of college last month.

      Sorry to hear about your suspension D: That sucks.
    6. Banana Bloodplanet
      Banana Bloodplanet
      Hi Zeevee, how goes it?
    7. eeveelutionlove

      I heard that she's a normal type. If anything, I say she isn't going to be any different than Eevee, since Eevee itself is a normal type. It just seems sort of pointless to evolved Eevee into another normal type Pokemon. But, new Eeveelutions are always welcome because they are just the best!

      Just witnessed a fight between two people (male and female) outside my dorm window...I think the female blames the guy for something he didn't do...*sigh* and it's Valentine's Day too. There shouldn't be any negative emotions about right now. Oh well...

      Hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day! Whether it be with your family, friends, person you like, etc. ^^
    8. eeveelutionlove
      That would be pretty sweet. Except, if people think you are going to kill someone because you are carrying around a gun...that wouldn't be as nice when police men attack you to the ground...

      You feel better also!

      A new Eeveelution?!!??!!?!! I haven't heard about it!!!! .......it's cute...but it looks more like an evolution of Victini? I like the bow on the ear and neck though, with the ribbon like things flowing from it...
    9. eeveelutionlove
      Are teleporters invented yet?! Oh gosh! I need to get one!!!!

      Really? If I go to bed before midnight, I fall asleep within minutes! Also the same if I go to bed after midnight...whenever I sleep, I can sleep really fast...

      That's so cool! I want to go to Norway!

      I caught a slight cold. *sigh* It's only head and sinus that's affected, but I feel sucky.
    10. eeveelutionlove
      Hahaha, I wish I could. Maybe I should get a robot to carry it for me? But then again, if I had a robot, then I could print through the robot...

      You're crazy. Although I could last semester, for some reason I can't stay up later than 1:00 am...

      Definitely. The different futures are awesome! Hahaha, that's so cool!!! I don't know anyone from Norway, but I want to go there.
    11. eeveelutionlove
      Wow, that sounds like it should be the other way around. But then again, if something is too easy, people get bored with them. And if things are more difficult, then they like the challenge and enjoy it more...

      Fairies are cute too. My imagination just made me think of something really adorable. Aww.

      I can't carry a printer from bus to bus. I'm not strong enough to carry it for longer than 10 seconds...I have absolutely no upper body strength. :(

      Yeah, but then you sleep too late and then you regret it (sort of) and wish you got more sleep.

      That's so cool! For the past two years in high school (junior and senior year), my best friends were exchange students! I'm excited to meet some more. They are the people I can relate to the most, because of cultural reasons. Also interests too...
    12. eeveelutionlove
      I shall! I heard the labs are so much fun, and I loves stars.

      Really?! Wah, you so lucky! I wish I was good at taking tests. I can't do timed tests because then I rush through it, or don't care about the last few questions because I just want to get it over with.

      Aww, that's so cute! Have a robot dancing on your desktop.

      I believe so, but I can't get a ride to the place, which is the bad thing.

      Hahaha, you start you day earlier than I do. You are so lucky, the internet here stays on forever, and it always keeps me up. That and my homework...

      I'm going to volunteer to take care of animals!!!!! Also next semester, I'm going to help exchange students get used to their campus and stuff! Yay for volunteering!!! ^^
    13. eeveelutionlove
      I didn't even know Kate existed until they showed her. Then I found out that Ziba replaced her. Kate wasn't fun. I didn't like her. Maybe because I saw Ziva first...

      Biology was okay. I enjoyed dissecting, although it smelled really back, and sometimes made me sick...I never took chemistry or physics. I'm going to take astronomy or astrology for my science and lab general credits.

      Lucky. I only got a $6000 scholarship because of my GPA and extra curricular activities. I didn't do so great in my ACT's...but that's because I didn't study anything. Stupid choice on my part.

      That's so cool!


      I'm thinking about doing that. I have a 2 year warranty thing on it. But I'm not completely sure how that works, because I never had to use it...is it just "take it back and get a new one to replace the old one" thing? Or more complicated? I never know...

      It is 4 am, and I am doing laundry...^^;;
    14. eeveelutionlove
      That's so true! Ziva is a killing machine!

      Science sounds really difficult, but then again, I haven't taken a whole lot of science classes to get a feel for it.

      Your entire room and board + tuition is $17,000????? Lucky! Mines around $22,000.

      Me neither, I just use the school's media labs. The softwares are so expensive :( but I'm going to try and get them slowly one at a time.

      Aww, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

      I did both of that, but it still didn't work. I don't know what to do now because no one I know, knows how to fix it. And I'm not taking it to Best Buy to see if they can fix it, which will be more expensive that the amount I bought it with.
    15. eeveelutionlove
      Hahahaha, that's for sure!

      For me it's Gibbs, Ducky, McGee, Ziba, Abby, then Tony. (actually, Ziba, Abby, and Tony sort of mix around depending on the episode...) I don't catch when she mistranslates because I don't know some of those sayings, so I always think Ziba is right...until Tony corrects her, then I have to look up the saying. xD

      It used to be like that. Now, everything is COLLEGE!! Actually, I think you could be a welder? without college. And they make good money.

      WHAT?! Your dorms are cheaper than apartments?! It's the other way around here...maybe...I don't really know, but that's what my brother says because he lives in an apartment...I kind of like the dorms.

      I'm sure you can do it on your free time. Learning the programs and drawing. Even if it takes you a few years, I'm sure you could do it.

      That's sad! There is so many deaths going around! :'(

      I don't understand why, but my printer isn't working! It either keeps printing a little bit of that last thing I printed, or nothing at all! And the ink is all new! TT-TT
    16. eeveelutionlove
      LOL! We are naughty children xD

      Motivation is lacking in many people. I love NCIS! (not NCIS: LA, that one sucks in my opinion). Gibbs is so cool! And Ducky is adorable. An old grandpa telling stories all the time. Tell your roommate that he is awesome for introducing NCIS to you! ^^

      I only exercise to not be weak. I rather skip college, and just enter the field I want to enter and learn everything from bottom up and gain knowledge from experience. That would be so much better...

      That sounds far...That's so cool though! I'm going to take computer programming and design in Fall semester! I also want to continue living in the dorms because of their convenience.

      Classes started and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CLASSES!!!! Two media arts classes, Japanese, art appreciation, and a drawing class! My very first assignment: self portrait sketch of myself...it's decent since I sketched it within 30 minutes, just wanting it to get done. I don't like self portraits...

      I learned that one of my media arts professor from last semester passed away...he was so cool to talk with and he gave me great advice on how to continue in the direction I want to head towards. I also wanted to talk a lot more with him this semester about various topics that's happening in the media. It's upsetting. TT-TT
    17. eeveelutionlove
      Maybe that's why we have our "rebellious stage" and when we are told not to do something, we do it. It's in our nature ;)

      Ditto. It seems as if nothing holds too much of an interest for me to be so passionate about anymore. I love music, I love art, but nothing inspires me to do any of my own works, which does not help me improve my abilities at all...

      Hahaha, that seems to be the case a lot of the time. Thank you! I shall do my best to stick with it. I know that the first couple weeks sucked, but it's getting better. Now I have to put my exercising around my class schedule...>_<

      One more week before my second semester of college starts! I'm so excited to see my friends again, and have something to do, instead of my same everyday routine this entire break. But I'm not looking forward to the homework...I kind of wish I had two more weeks because I wanted to try learning the violin and saxophone a little more before I returned...oh well.
    18. eeveelutionlove
      Oh wow, that's not good.


      Hahaha you don't need motivation, you just do it. But working will help also financially.

      Really? It's working now. Been getting up around 8 and started exercising since the first weak of January. Maybe later on I'll get bored of it, but for now, it's working. xD
    19. latias_ec12
      i like that 2, but sometimes feel also frog one. i though was 100% sure was thinking fire one, so maybe I will start depending how evolve forms looks. I can also start from other game and trade so I can have all 3. I did that with white 2 having all 3 starers.
    20. Ace Trainer Nick
      Ace Trainer Nick
      good. Im just doing my senior year in High School. I just have a lack of sleep lately :)
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    Oct 13, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Home Page:
    Wherever I am needed.
    Information Security Analyst
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    I'm an information security analyst, longtime Pokemon fan, and an Overwatch support/tank player who is supporting the Dallas Fuel.

    Back many years ago I was a fanfiction writer and a roleplayer, but I haven't been active in quite a while. That may be changing soon though.


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