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  • Ah, I see. I live in Australia. Lol. Is it good over there? america gets all the events and Australia gets nothing lol.

    How has ur day been
    Go there to defeat the fisherman who has 2 gyarados. They give alot of EXP eack and are reletively easy to beat. That or go fight the psychic girl just below Veilstone city.
    Sorry for slow response, slower computer, okay well if you ever decide to do some serious EV training let me know and I'll help. As for the Glaceon just ride your bike up and down the long strip of land BELOW the breeding center. Sorry I don't remember the name of the town but I have'nt played pokemon in weeks.....
    Interesting... Well back to Luke, go to the fisherman just outside the city where the steel gym it is off to the left of the map.
    If you've kept a log of what you've done with Luke's EVs then finish them(if not already done) then just go fight the strongest pokemon you can( that does'nt take forever to beat) and you'll be done in a week or a few days depending on how long you do it each day.
    I don't EV train either. I use a Macho Brace, but that's about it.
    Scarlet almost always freezes her opponents. That's why I love her.
    If you want to battle again, I'll be using the same Pokémon. Unless I can finish Cacturne's training.
    Now that I think of it. Lucario is the first Fighting type I've used. And Aura Sphere is the first fighting attack I've used competitively.
    No, but its of the Ice element. I was expecting you to do better than that. You can have a rematch or battle the Shadow Dragon. It's your choice.
    Yes, but it says you're standing by. If you can't join me, I have to join you, and I can't do that if you're standing by.
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