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  • He wonders if he ate everyone? So he doesn't know or remember? How can he not know if he ate everybody?

    That's a lot of possible names that can be given and changed to. How do you remember what your name is if it keeps changing?
    That's where! Yup at the beginning. When I first saw it, I jumped and screamed "So not fair!" at the screen. I was jealous of that lady. I have eeveelution as my background majority of the time because well, they're awesome!

    Haha, that's understandable.

    That sounded confusing at first, but I reread it then it made sense. That's an interesting way of naming and ranking, it's different.
    I love seeing eeveelution. I remember there is this one scene in a movie with a lady and all the eeveelutions with her. My favorite bird is Pidgeot, just so cool. That's surprising, Team Rocket with good equipment...

    Wow, when hard difficulty gets unlocked, and you play, you should tell me how hard that is.

    That is a lot, I can't wait. There's manga version also? Is it different?
    They do, don't they? Guess they're not as 'bad' as they make it out to be. I haven't seen the ending of Sinnoh and haven't started Unova yet, so that's surprising to hear. From what I've noticed so far, Team Rocket have to get their own supplies themselves without the help of TR.

    That long? Is it difficult? How long did it take you to get to the end?

    Wow, that's a lot of books. Looks like I better get started. How far are you? Or have you not started yet?
    That is so true! I think and Umbreon is a pretty good choice for them. But what about a Jolteon? Since they are always trying to take Pikachu, and they are both electric types. Or they can get an Umbreon and a Pikachu of their own...Team Rocket doesn't seem like "bad" guys all the time. I think they are getting soft, or they already were.

    I don't torture people, I just like to learn about it. And other stuff to. I just like to learn stuff, no matter how useless it is.

    Haha, I never played Fire Emblem before, but now that I read that, I want to play. Animals are so awesome!

    What genre is it? Fantasy, Adventure? I read anything really besides nonfiction, unless it's a subject I like. But it does sound interesting, plus I've been looking for something to read for a while. I'll try it.
    Haha, yeah, they are so punny! xD

    Yup. I went their once, but I don't remember where it was...My friend and I had a blast. She's a little...special...in the head when we went, so that brought out her fun/scary/strange/sadistic/masochistic/in a twisted way hilarious/etc. side of her...

    I say it's a bit of both. I think they would understand since animals have a sixth sense deal going on, so they would know that some of us wouldn't hurt them. But if they do take over the world, then I'm going to cheer on the animal's side. I don't know why, I go for the beast side for games all the time, so I'll just do the same thing in real life also.
    I don't know, their robots always seemed to just focus of one trait, I didn't really care for them a whole lot since they were all similar somehow. Though I did like it when they got blown up.

    I prefer older weapons, then the guns and whatnot. I don't know, I just like older period weapons because they are interesting. Their weapons and their torture methods. For some reason my friend and I became interested in them after we went to a torture museum...It's kind of cool of what all those people thought up of. Makes me wonder what went through their heads...

    Haha, when animals rule over the world, I'll laugh in the face of those who thought that animals are stupid beings. I say animals are smarter then humans, in some ways, not all, but still intelligent.
    Huh, what do you know, it does! I just put some stuff together to...that'll be something worth building for Team Rocket.

    True, but it makes people wonder what I'm thinking. I'm not a huge fan of guns, they are loud. And I think I just got bitten by an ant and it hurts.
    They are huge! Once, when I was about four, I thought it was going to eat me! Haha, a bald eagle that shoots lasers from its eyes, breaths fire our of its beak, and blows away everything with a giant gust attack withs it's wings. That's one awesome bird...

    I always stay on the side of nature. I think it's the safest thing to do.
    Aww. Haha, I think birds give the most stares to anyone. The weirdest, evilest, happiest, looniest, etc. stares. But I still love them, their actions are so entertaining.

    Haha, they gave you a compliment because crazy is fun.
    True, but I don't think it was that bad a damage to the US.

    That's horrible. How does it get around? Does it just sit in one area?

    Haha, I like how they roll on the floor. The patterns just make it look so cool.
    Haha, that's just ridiculous. Who came up with that??? Not to mention the tsunami caused by the earthquake went west, so it would affect Asia instead of the US. Plus there's this entire ocean between Japan and US. That is so unrealistic.

    Aww, poor thing, hope it gets better. I hate how animals get hurt, it fills my heart with sorrow.

    Yeah, though I don't think you can call it marbles, because I have no idea how to play that. But I did roll it around the floor because, well, a nine year old in a hospital for hours just visiting, they tend to get bored...so that's what I did.
    That's not fun at all. I think the general public needs to get off their high horse. No one listens to them in the first place, I thought they'd understand by now.

    That's true. Golden Eagle does sound better. What if that Brown Eagle is gold??? Then I just think that the person who named them don't know his/her color...

    That's so cool! I held a glass eye before, and I was so fascinated by it, that I played with them. It was a case full of them and I played marbles with them.....
    But being strange is fun! There is no such thing as normal, for what is normal? We all have some level of uniqueness to be ourselves.

    Yup, but I keep questioning why they call them "golden" instead of "brown" because they look brown not gold...

    Ouch, does he have a glass eye now or something? My friend just got burnt, again for the third year in a row, with fireworks. I swear, the fireworks are just drawn to him. There's one that flies up in the air, then falls back to the ground, and one hit him on the head this year.
    True, but it's just so weird because people think you're strange.

    There's a lot of golden ones out at the ranch. My family lit our own fireworks and had fun. Though I just sat around and did nothing because I don't trust them. They almost blew up my aunt's car, and burn down my uncle's neighbor's house! I swear, they're psycho!

    Nature will always be awesome. It's always changing. I think watching animals is just amazing, even just your average house pets.
    Me either! I rather take the picture then one of me being taken. I look horrible in pictures.

    Seriously? Lucky. I wish I could see a bald eagle. I've seen gold eagles, just not bald ones. I just got back from my uncles from lighting fireworks, and my nose and throat burn from the smoke, hehe.

    Wolves are so majestic, I love them. They're so big, and muscular, and the way they carry themselves is so, hypnotizing. To me anyways. I think I observe too much.
    Haha, that works to. Didn't think of that...

    That's awesome! Watching birds makes me laugh because of the way they move about. I've been to Yellowstone a few times, it's only a 2-3 hour drive to get there so I go with my friends and family sometimes. You get to see buffaloes too! I haven't spotted a bald eagle there yet, but bears, once. They was by a cabin by a gift store, so I got to be pretty close to them. My aunt pet a grizzly bear at the Yellowstone before...I think I saw a couple wolves/coyotes also, don't know which, or I was hallucinating because I was around 7 years old...the geysers are pretty cool. Maybe you can practice taking pictures with the one you got and then get the other camera when you're better at it???
    Wow, then what'll happen if a tornado comes and you have to evacuate to shelter, or something? I wish I could sleep deep enough that simple things don't wake me, because I get woken up by the sound of my dogs paw on the floor. And she's a little chihuahua that hardly makes any noise!

    That would be amazing. I would love to take pictures of lightning, they are just so gorgeous! Nature is so beautiful, even if it's destructive.
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