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  • Oh wow, isn't that bad, having gas in the house? Maybe you were exhausted and your body just crashed?

    Oh, isn't that dangerous? Can't you get struck yourself?
    Are you serious? That must of scared the crap out of you...were the lightning bolts pretty? Studying lightning sounds hard to do. Isn't lightning, extremely fast? How do you study something that you see in a blink of an eye?
    Seriously? Wow, was the storm bad or something?

    I think the field research will be the most fun, because you get to be outdoors with nature and you get to see some amazing things, if your lucky to be there at the right time.
    Well somehow I got logged out of serebii and lost a post. Well anyway was just a thought. Attacking Thunderclan is what Leapordstar wanted me to do so I did. (And Leapordstar also found out somehow I was going into Thunderclan territory without her knowing so anyway.) and around the time when Shadowclan were coming over to Riverclan, but before Tigerclan was yet known. Otherwise Leapordstar would question my loyaties to Riverclan and such and while Thunderclan found out Shadowclan and Riverclan became Tigerclan and Firestar agreed to let me Join Thunderclan for the time being then later re-joined Riverclan when Tigerclan was disbanded. and Only a few seasons after or so I found out I was half-Thunderclan. Slipped out Leapordstar' mouth and somehow Tigerstar knew as well. I'm not personally much for attacking just causing trouble by crossing borders and stealing prey.
    Wonder if I want to know what shadowclan does at night? Suppose I could make sure I'll be hard to spot since I'll be as dark as the night sky. Or I can try to swim across the lake?

    As for Oakheart I'd see he'd be my mentor when Bluestar was deputy so a long while and then leapordstar. I'm sure Onestar wouldn't like Riverclan going into Windclan either.... Well if I'm going into through Shadowclan looks like I'll be dragging them into this as well. I can probably get along with Firestar, Graystripe and probably Brambleclaw since I joined Thunderclan once when Shadowclan and Riverclan became Tigerclan although I was held as Thunderclan's prisoner and such.
    So Onestar was your mentor. Well mine were Oakheart then Leapordstar. Wonder if I would have to cross Windclan's or Shadowclan's territory to get to Thunderclan's?
    Oh cool! I love the weather, it's so...unpredictable! So cool. Hope you have fun and learn new things! ^^ I don't think those weather people like their job, having to be on television, and putting on a fake smile...my friend used to do that, and she hated it...
    That's true.

    Really? What are you going into? I still haven't figured out what I want to do, so I can't really be excited about studying yet.
    Wow, that sounds fun.

    Haha, I know right? I can't wait to go to college, because that is one of the things that I'm excited about. Except I wouldn't want a roommate that'll hate me, because then the whole experience would not be fun.
    Haha, agreed.

    Cool. Never gone boating before, is it fun?? Hope you get along with your roommate. My cousin had this one girl for her roommate and she hated her for some strange unknown reason. Then my cousin got another roommate, and that one loved her a little too much.
    Same here! I swear, one time I saw someone with a hacksaw running at me trying to dismember my limbs! Then again this could of been my imagination, but I'm pretty sure he had a weapon cause something hit my head... and cut my arm...

    I am doing fine. I stayed home today, which is a first. I've been going out with my friends this entire month ever since school ended. It's nice to just relax once in a while. ^^ How about you??
    Ah, I don't like really competitive sports because people are so violent. I'll do somewhat competitive and noncompetitive because sports is for fun! I stopped sports because the people were just jerks.
    Haha, I was lazy too. But I auditioned for the choir because I thought that my friends would make it into them also, but they didn't so it wasn't as fun at the beginning but then I made new friends...sorta...I don't really hang out with them, but we get along type of friends...I used to do sports (X-country, volleyball, soccer, track) because I like to run but then I stopped. Ooh cool. I like math and science, though I'm not that good at them. But I still like them.
    Yup. Have one more year of it in high school, but I think I'm going to be in it again in college, maybe. Cool! I hear college is more fun and relaxing then high school, and less homework. But I think that depends on the college and classes...why don't you want to be in school activities?

    Oh cool. I rarely role play anymore. I never found the time to get on, or I just forget to get on when I have time ^^;
    Okay, So Blitz is a Jolteon was wondering about that.

    Unfortently I'll be spying on Thunderclan at the moment sneaking out of Riverclan Camp in middle of the night. Then again I've done it before so.... I wonder what one would have to do to get their warior name removed temporarly like to either back to paw or kit. Then again Leapordstar did do that once. And I'll just keep to Hunting Patrols in the mean time and Border for dawn and keeping an eye on shadowclan as well.
    Let's see if Jolteon can handle a Ninetales
    I'm a little loss who is Blitz? And yep Riverclan someday shall win. Then again what would Mistystar think if she knew what I was doing? Leapordstar probably would of approved maybe.
    Oh, that is so cool! I never saw that episode. Actually, I missed a lot of episodes because I had choir rehearsals during the time that the show was on. TT-TT

    Cool, what's the forum about?
    Leafeon can fly? As in, use the move, Fly? Or, just fly around? Espeon is my first, followed by Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, then Flareon.

    Ooh, I love Vulpix/Ninetales! I also like Growlithe and Ponyta but I prefer Vulpix.
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