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  • Ooh, tough one. I would have to say, I love Espeon the most, but Umbreon a close second. I just like the whole, day and night thing. Glaceon is either my third or fourth favorite. Can't decide which I like better between Glaceon and Leafeon...^^;
    It is my favorite Evanescence song. Period.

    I love the beginning of the live version where she just goes holds one note for about a half a minute.

    Can't say it is my favorite song of all because I have a ton of songs that I love. I'll have to run them through the gauntlet but Breath my to Life is definately in the top three.
    That is fine. I was just telling you what I've been up to lately.

    Hey what books have you been reading lately?
    Just chugging along. I have a marine biology test tomorrow. I'm finishing up my physics course and hoping that my spring break will be in the next couple of weeks.

    I joined the Black Ice clan ( Vader is in charge now).

    Started learning about the 5th gen more and focusing on my guitar practice more.

    That about sums it up. :D
    The Eevee Elite
    If anyone wants to do some Pokemon roleplaying then feel free to join the forum in the link above. We could really use some new members, and we will teach anyone who wants to roleplay how to do it.

    And hello to anyone who happens to see this. Thanks for visiting my page :)
    Yep i agree theres no eevee evos :( But still, plenty of cool new pokemon! The flying types do look awesome especialy Mandibuzz.

    Also got a new group The Aura pokemon group-join if youd like its all about pokemon like togekiss, mew, mewtwo, lucario, palkia, dialga, giratina, mienfoo and mienshao. We discuss other things aswell. :)
    RIght I remember now. You're ahead of me by a few hours.

    Indeed, tone is very important to language especially the English language.
    Take note that I meant the Bird boy comment jokingly. There are disadvantages to typing as opposed to actually hearing someone. Thats a fair arrangement to me. You eat dinner at what four (your time)?
    The fourth gen is still one of my favs, gave us great evolutions i.e gliscor, electivire and not to mention leafeon.
    Meterology is cool. No wonder bird boy. I'm going to major in Marine Biology and Veterinary Medicine, then I'm off to Seminary. Sorry I couldn't get on yesterday due to errands and saturday I'd gone to the library for Japanese class with a couple of friends for hours. I'd had chores before I left and then the computer was taken until it was too late for me to get on.
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