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  • Jusr doubled check, guess it is a role-playing game, thought I read somewhere it was an RTS. And good luck with the Meteorology and College there. And Just recently watched a a bunch of movies mostly on youtube Watched: The Swan Princess 1-3( Definetly going to buy these sometime), The Lion King( I don't remember The Morning Report Song being in the movie and sounds like Simba has a different singing voice then during the other songs), and watched Iron Man 2, which my mom rented not as good as the first, but still fairly good. Might try to see if youtube has Lilo & Stitch or not, not sure if I ever saw this movie or not either.
    Similar in college somewhat does the school I had to had dorms and stuff, I went there and done a Retail Marketing Trade graduated from that back in Febuary. Dragon Age Origins is an Okay game, think it fall under as a real-time strategy game if you like those, not sure if it is my kind of game though, but I hadn't had much exprience with the genre so that maybe the case and Genres I'm mostly into are Adventure(ActionAdventure),Platformer, FPS and Third Person shooters as well as Open World type games.
    That's cool, and Halo: reach looks like a good game, At the moment for games I'm saving up for Eternal Sonata, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and The Orange Box. And last games I bought recently were Brutal Legend,Aliens Vs Predator and Dragon Age Origins. And last few books I bought were: Halo Fall of Reach, Firestarter, The Darkest Evening of the Year, Terminator Salvation and The Ocean Dark. and I'm looking into Legend of the Guardians series and good luck with the college stuff, might be a while before I go to one.
    Yeah has been, been pretty good. Got new lots new books since July and Games for PS3. Bought Fringe season 2 on sale for $30 list price was $50 and seen the prince of persia sands of time movie. And still looking for a job of course. And been posting on gamespot mostly. And how have you been? up to much anyway?
    I had chemisrty only 1 year I had good grades but the teacher was horrible he didn't understoods the subject himself I think.
    lol wow at least if your schedule doesn't suck it's fine. You going to college already or are you stil in high school? Some classes are very boring at my college I fal asleep a lot and cafe doesn't work with me -.-. But it is awsome and some classes are great :p.
    I'm fine school started and it's well the hours are relaxed I am free every tuesday and I can wake up late at monday and sometimes friday but my schedule is each week diffrent. How about you?
    Sorry for the late reply. I'm doing great. I auditioned for my schools show choirs, Skylights dance, and All Naturals does acapella music. I'm so nervous to see if I made it or not to either one.
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