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  • he np try to ev train those i gave u...onix does wonder as a tank and as a choice bander(its awesome to see a gigantic steel snake blowing itself up) the riolu has great atk and speed plus perfect spa and a plus speed nature use it at will it will get loads of kos...abd the scorupi is gonna be great physical sweeper if you train it well.
    btw thanks for the payback im planning on teaching it to a sub seeder and enjoy the kills.
    also if you ever need help with something or another lefties ill be glad to help u...gotta go im hatching shinny eevees right now my goal perfect hp and spdef trough rng to get a careful umbreon.
    i finished the things i did in my friend`s computer im heading to a hotspot hope to see you in the waiting room. BTW while in there ill be disconnected from serebii...ubbers allowed? hell i have almost no ubbers trained but ill do my best.
    sure after the trade I'll get My battalion ready and we'll battle. 2 pokemon in party only.
    Ubers allowed. I hope you see this I forgot a period. oops
    yep np ill give u some of my stock pokemons for free...in about 40 mins ill conect to wi-fi im fiddling in my friend computer rigth now and he has no acces to wi-fi but in yep about 40 mins ill be in the waiting room waiting for the trade...my FC is in my sig and yours is:
    2192-8122-9034 aint?
    if you want we can also battle.
    i already have my jap ditto with max speed...
    i wanted a female foreign lucario to breed with my admant urasaring max atk max speed for the moves and ivs...so i could just soft reset easily when looking for my shinny egg ivs.
    anyhow thanks for the idea.
    what would you like appart from the items(exp share 2 leftovers) i got decent riolus(crunch and swords dance i believe) that i recall...any other thing? the onix(egg moves rock blast,eq,explosion,giroball) or such?
    idk...something interesting you might have...nothing of road...if you have a relaxed ditto you could make my day. i already have complete dex so im mostly hunting shinnys and trainer ids...any foreing lenguage pokemon you might have(specially a female lucario want to rng abuse a shinny adamant)?
    otherwise a tm could work nothing exhorbitant if you have a spare grass knot, explosion stealth rock, charge beam...that would do. Otherwise payback pluck.
    im giving away 31 atk ivs onix and other pokemons if you want em as well.
    do u need some items? i can give u the 2 leftovers and 1 expshare. pm with details...ill be abailable for trades in about 3 hours.
    Could I have a Totodile. I'm offering a lv 24 female Carnavine. I haven't seen Totodile yet so we'll have to go to the Wi Fi Center. I don't care care about natures but you may try and get a female. It may learn egg moves.
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