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  • No, its part of an internet meme called 'fsjal' and has more than just Typhlosion. And it is very funny haha. Thanks :)
    I went to my Charmander "stash"...I might of put it up on the GTS by mistake...I'll breed it again for you ASAP 2day.
    I'll VM you when I've got it.
    i can have one ready for tomorrow dude - any egg moves or any particular nature you after - or would you rather just any one with a ditto? (lmk what nature ditto you need - i'll probably have one somewhere) as for me well either the stealth rock or the grass knot TM would definitely be handy
    I have to trade:

    Exp. Share
    Odd Keystone
    Big Root
    Grip Claw
    Dusk Stone
    Dubious Disc
    Reaper Cloth
    Fist Plate
    Icicle plate
    Master Ball

    Bullet Seed
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Shock Wave
    Sludge Bomb
    Rock Tomb
    Aerial Ace
    Steel Wing
    Charge Beam
    Drain Punch
    Shadow Claw
    Rock Polish
    Stealth Rock
    Psych Up
    Dream Eater
    Grass Knot
    Flash Cannon

    I need a Ditto and a Cyndaquil (any kind of both is fine as long as it is legit). I will trade any 1 item for 1 pokemon, or if you can do a custom breed Cyndaquil I can offer multiple items attached on a couple of pokemon of your choosing that I can offer.

    Thanks and pm me if interested.
    i can breed you a cyndaquil dude just let me know what nature & what egg moves you need & i should be able to do it (i don't IV breed - i just release ones with crappy stats!)

    I can breed you a Cindaquil and I got a Ditto :) Want to trade them for TM Ice Beam and TM Stealth Rock? Pm/Vm me.
    You're welcome. We have alot of things like an Elite 4, Gym leaders, creative threads and we're now making our own competitive guide collection. So i'm sure that you'll find something interesting.
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