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  • Yeah. Stealth Rock rapes Charizard.

    Poor typholsion... he's a great special sweeper, but gets a bad move pool....
    Hey there's 80sRocker.

    You have shoddy battle, right?

    If you do, you should join us in the quest to make Illumise a OU pokemon!!!

    Click the link in my sig to find out more about what we do!
    Yeah. I just started competitive battling too.

    My first shot at a team as well.
    This is my 1st time to not use Uber ranked pokemon.
    In a real battle. Not just in-game.
    So i see your going up in the post count....

    To give you fair warning: once my team is finished, i'd like to battle you, good friend.

    SKOOL LETZ OUT IN 2DAYZ!!!1!!!!11111
    Haha, well thanks for accepting my friend request! I always like to befriend people who I trade with! Hope you enjoy the Squirtle!
    Oh yeah, the egg i gave you was a DDancing Outraging Larvitar egg.

    Hope you enjoy that.

    Im still embarrised about the yelling.
    Sorry about the yelling in the back ground, thats your normal saturday morning for me....

    Nice Shiny Charizard you have there.
    Thanks For the bellymander.

    Seriously sorry about the yelling, though.
    Hmm I have many egg move pokemon I need a male of the belly drum charmanders
    I'd say my best is chimchar with blaze kick,double kick and flamethrower but I also have more
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