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Recent content by 80's Rocker

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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    The best game ever...Tales of Symphonia. I have done 8 playthroughs in a row so far and counting. I beat it and restart again every saturday now and this has been happenig for roughly 2 months now 0_0. I am obsessed and highly addicted right now. I always play as Kratos, my favorite character...
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    Star Wars KotOR

    Man, this game brings back memories. I can't tell you how many times I have beaten both of them....I am a HUGE HUGE StarWars fan. I always have been and always will be. My favorite class is Jedi Guardian on both games. I like being Light and Dark on both so I don't have a favorite there. I...
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    Did you bother soft resetting for a perfect Giratina?

    I just caught the first one I saw in a pokeball like always. I just catch the legends for the heck of it and most of the time to trade them off. I am one of those guys that just hates legendaries with a passion, I would never use one in a battle and if i catch it then I am just going to keep it...
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    Did you like the gym changes in platinum?

    I hated one of the gym changes. I hated that stupid punching bag one more than anything because it took me so long to do. The others did not really bother me at all and I could have cared less whether they changed them or not.
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    Well I am playing as a male because I am a boy and I agree with the whole thing about it feeling kind of strange to be a girl the whole game. I think the one of the coolest features they could add into a pokemon game would be to customize your own character though. I always wanted to be able...
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    I know what your saying. It definately can get addicting to get better moves. Right now I am using Blast Burn and Air Slash on my Charizard and they are really working good, I am getting over 100 kills a level while playing with 2 other friends. As far as your favorites go, once you get to...
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    Oh yea, I forgot my brother used it really early in the game because he wanted a blastoise really bad. My mistake.
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    I know, I used the American password and it said that it was obsolete. It did not say invalid like it would if I used a wrong code or one from a different country.
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    UPDATE: The question was asked earlier if the passwords were always going to work, and we were quite sure the answer was yes. However, I just used the Blastiose password and it said that it was obsolete. Will somebody else use the Blastiose one and tell me what they get so we can confirm this?
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    Yep, in the Fire place I get sooo many magnemite forms it is not even funny. There are more of those than fire types! Also, anybody here have any luck with Dratini and his evo's? I can't seem to even find one on the whole stage, only the Dragonite boss sometimes, and I really need a Dragonite.
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    I did not even know that you got a ticket for releasing 5 of the same pokemon! That will help me get the Charizard I need lol. I have only had this game 3 days now though, I guess there is alot more to it that you would think upon first play. It is a fun game though. I agree with BCVM22...
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    Ah ok, I must have missed that part. No wonder I wasn't getting any good moves lol. That is going to help me in the future. I am not sure about the move tutor thing. It would be nice to know though, that way money is not wasted on something that is not reachable.
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    Well, I think it might be any move at all. After about 100,000 P, I finally got Heat Wave for Charizard. I think it was in EX mode C rank. I have also gotten Belly Drum for him and Dragon Rush. He does not regularly learn any of those. I have also gotten some moves he learns with a tm only. The...
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    Dude, I just gota say you have the best picture in your signature lol, I laughed at it for so...

    Dude, I just gota say you have the best picture in your signature lol, I laughed at it for so long. It's awesome, did you make it yourself?
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    Pokemon Rumble (Melee!) Now dated Q4!

    Is anybody else here having a hard time getting good moves for certain pokemon? I have spent over 50,000 back in the normal rank C where moves are only 200 and I cannot get Flamethrow or Fireblast for Charizard. Are there different moves for each section or something? Because ember just is not...