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  • Can I have these?
    Slowpoke timid
    Kangaskhan adamant
    Moltres modest
    Raikou timid
    Mesperit timid
    Uxie timid
    palkia modest
    I have these shinies
    29 ut(pkrs)
    213 ut(pkrs)
    216 ut
    227 gained 2 levels(cured pkrs)
    248 ut(10 aniv)
    370(gained some exp)(pkrs)
    434 ut

    Let me know if your interested.
    Hey, sorry about deleting you, its just that the group has gotten a lot stricter about posting actively

    Ok, I saw your request for INSANE TRAINERS and.. heres the deal, If I let you join you must follow a rule we have. The rule is that you must post at least 8 responces per week. If you cant manage to accomplish this you will be warned by me personally of immenant deletion, and then if you still dont post enough you WILL be deleted. However, you will have a one week insurance plan to use when you want, but It can only be used once for when you think you will not be able to post anything or if you just dont feel like posting anything. Finally there is also no cursing unless you remove vital letters with asterisks (Ex: Fat-a*s), and no bumping topics obsessively.

    So if you agree to the terms you will be allowed to join. If you do then VM me and I'll add you immediatelly. Thanx
    Hey I suggest joining this social group, since your so good at Shiny hunting. (Shiny Pokemon Group v2) When you search it dont put the parenthesis.
    I'm offering(SHINYS):-


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