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  • I truly believed a Greninja with legendary genes inside of it was a sure league winner against some random Charizard who didn't give a damn anyway.

    ...Not. Ha ha.
    What do you have to say now?
    Because they knocked Chicago out of the final round first out of all the other cities and there's not really sports I care for in this year's Olympics since baseball and softball won't be in it.
    Lorde was banned a long time ago because Kirby and Ellie and some other mods got salty about him being so amazing so they ganged up on him and perma-banned him just out of spite. Lorde's legacy will never be forgotten.
    Yes indeed, I dislike the nowadays Pokemon anime of being excessively childish and never bring any new things to the table. Yet I still watch it (rather said it just fell into my eyesight) occasionally on TV, because I have a cousin several years smaller than me still watching it in the afternoon, where it automatically come into my eyes. I would also say it is also partially due to lingering affection from the past somehow showing reluctance to quit, because I was indeed very passionate in the past where I would tune in the TV timely every afternoon to watch the show. Now I'm more passionate towards the entire Pokemon franchise than merely the anime.

    Even by now I'll still go tune in the TV routinely to watch super long running shows last for ~10 years like DBZ (and now DB Kai), Naruto, Fairy Tales, even Detective Conan, but just not Pokemon anime. If it was not my cousin, may be I'll not had a chance to see how the show had deteriorate during all these years. If there is anything that had become better for all these years, then it will only be all the visual graphics and musics+sound effects. Story plot, characterization, and background settings where that is the thing I valued the most had became the best negative example in Japanese anime history.

    I'm interested in the entire Pokemon franchise, hence I still care about the future of the Pokemon anime, and hence I complain!
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