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May 24, 2016
Aug 19, 2011
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May 31
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New Member

_Lolli_ was last seen:
May 24, 2016
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. GalladeofSpades
      No you don't, 'cause I'm embarking on a journey to get my eyes checked next week, and then july ends... SO SIGN-UP ALREADY.

      So you can search for how to make the reminder that tells you to post in the most awesomest, bestest, amazingest RP. xD
    3. GalladeofSpades
      Well you better hurry up, because sign-ups end at the end of July.

      And google is your friend Lolli. As long it's not Google Images.
    4. GalladeofSpades
      I dunno, make a reminder on the computer warning you that THERE IS AN RP YOU SHOULD BE POSTING IN RIGHT NOW. Or something.

      Holy god, you need to stop doing that. xD *hit*
    5. GalladeofSpades
      Click'n join.

      oh u
    6. GalladeofSpades

      The Shining Game. Look at the RP Sign-Up forum. xD You can be a Wynaut... xD
    7. GalladeofSpades
      ...well you're a late replier. xD

      Ne ne, Lolli-chan! RP WITH ME! Pwease? *IRRESISTIBLE PUPPY DOG EYES ATTACK* xD
    8. GalladeofSpades
      Nah, it's okay. xD
    9. GalladeofSpades
      Yo Lolli!

      HEY HEY HEY!... Guess what?

      I JUST POSTED THE NEW CHAPTER OF THAT SHOW! Would you like to review it?

      (read it as: Review it. NOW.)
    10. GalladeofSpades
      Nah it's okay. xD

      I kinda need help withjokes with the guests though. The guests are going to be the leaders of Team Galactic (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Cyrus), but I can't think of a good joke. Help, please?
    11. GalladeofSpades
      ... I'm just going to stop now. xD

      ... You're a bit late. I already posted it. xD;
    12. GalladeofSpades
      FINE. BE THAT WAY. Nah, too much hassle xD *strangled*

    13. GalladeofSpades
      PLEASE!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! JUST ONE MORE CHANCE! Plus we're breking the NO SPAM rule... Ah well. xD *insert way of self hurt here*

      Ya think it's ready to post?
    14. GalladeofSpades
      I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL DO WITHOUT YOU! YOUR MY ENTIRE LIFE! Techincally, we are. xD *killed*

      It's almost done... Finished! I'll send it over for a review right now.
    15. GalladeofSpades
      JUST ONE MORE CHANCE! Let's pray they don't. xD *hit*

      I'll send it to you once I'm finished for a little review. May I?
    16. GalladeofSpades
      BUT I CAN CHANGE! REALLY! do you think the mods will accuse us of spamming?. *slapped silly*


      Also, I'm creating a fanfic here! YOU BETTER REVIEW IT. *slapped* xD
    17. GalladeofSpades
      DON'T LEAVE ME LOLLI!!! PLEASE!!! 10 pm at my place? ... God, I feel like a pervert... xD *punched*

      AH DUNNOH.

      I'm just waiting for a review first... And I've run out of math insults. xD
    18. GalladeofSpades
      At least we'll still be friends with benefits right? ... Right? *run over by a train*


      YAY! So it caught your interest? And I know, I'm so zetta slow...
    19. GalladeofSpades
      ;.; B-but... I thought we had something special... *MURDERED* xD


      Link here.
    20. GalladeofSpades
      *hums batman theme*

      ... You traitor. xD

      YOU DEFINATLY SHOULD. Actually, I'm gonna make an RPG soon. If your interested, you could join!
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    May 31
    Home Page:
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hi I'm _Lolli_! I go by Lolli if you would like to call me that but more often than not now I go by Wy! It's very nice to meet you uwu/ I basically like to draw my own characters and my friend's characters (most of which are pokemon gijinkas haha; ) and rp them, I think it's lots of fun. This -->uwu/ also seems to be becoming my favorite emoticon as of late

    I'm also not really active here so if you want to contact me using one of the links below would be more suitable uwu

    Deviantart: http://wynautwai.deviantart.com/
    Tumblr / rp blog: wynautwai.tumblr.com / wyscharas.tumblr.com